Affiliate Summit West 2016 - Best Speaker, Sarah Bundy, CEO
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AIM’s CEO Ranked #1 Best Speaker for Content at Affiliate Summit West ’16

17 Feb AIM’s CEO Ranked #1 Best Speaker for Content at Affiliate Summit West ’16

sarah bunyd affiliate summit west 2016

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For many Affiliate Summit West attendees, the details of those few days in Las Vegas are a distant (and in some cases fuzzy) memory. But what they won’t forget is the session, voted #1 in content, AIM CEO Sarah Bundy’s presentation, “10 Useful Affiliate Recruitment Strategies that Work.” Whether your affiliate program is new, or long-established, you are a veteran in this business, or just starting out, Sarah’s insights, suggestions and common sense tactics outlined how to reach, engage and/or convert affiliate partners that result in more profitable & sustainable program growth.

Sarah shared specific tools and examples that are industry “tricks of the trade” that her audience got to enjoy:

    • Know what you’re offering before you start outreach
    • Leverage both free and paid tools to identify new partners
    • Leverage your own website and audience (buyers)
    • Leverage your local meetups and communities
    • Build relationships and then keep them

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say about Sarah’s #1 ranked talk:

  • “Great content! Loved it!”
  • “I really liked the visuals. It helped me understand how each tactic will work and how it can be tailored to different verticals. The tool and web suggestions are new to me so also a nice takeaway.”
  • “Very knowledgeable and engaging, fresh take”
  • “Lots of constructive and guiding information. Thank you for being so thorough”
  • “Quick high level tips with the right amount of details to get started”

Check out the details of what these session attendees are talking about at:

Need help with your own affiliate program recruitment or management efforts? Sarah is always delighted to share her knowledge and how the professionals at All Inclusive Marketing apply these tenets to all our clients’ benefit. She can be reached at sarah(at)

Iain Bundy

Iain is the co-founder and CFO of All Inclusive Marketing (AIM). As one of the driving forces of exceptional digital and performance marketing business, Iain sets the standard of excellence in finance and operations. Iain has been instrumental in helping AIM win multiple awards, including Best Company of the Year through Small Business BC. He was also a driving force in creating the fastest growing private practice in Investor's Group 80 year history.