Why Evolving Your Attribution Strategy Is a Must
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Digital Strategy Insights #003 – Why Evolving Your Attribution Strategy Is a Must… And How to Do It

23 Feb Digital Strategy Insights #003 – Why Evolving Your Attribution Strategy Is a Must… And How to Do It

performance marketing podcastIf you want to improve your digital strategy as an affiliate marketer, exponentially grow your profits for you and your business, then this podcast is for you. Learn from the online marketing elite to reach your growth goals.

Welcome to the Digital Strategy Insights podcast with your host Sarah Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing. The landscape of attribution strategy has rapidly changed since people have started using multiple devices, which has been trying for some, but for those ready to learn it is an exciting new challenge.

Listen as this week’s guest, Todd Crawford the co-founder and VP of strategic initiatives at Impact Radius answers Bundy’s in depth questions on the ins and outs of attribution. Crawford is a household name in the affiliate marketing world and before his current post he was the VP of business development at Digital Rivers where he guided strategic initiatives and industry relations. Most notably, Crawford received the Affiliate Marketing Legend award in 2007.

Sit back and relax as Bundy and Crawford discuss effective attribution strategies and how to improve the landscape of your digital marketing.

What is Attribution?

Attribution is an important strategic factor in the digital marketing world and if you’re not already aware of Crawford and his work, you should be. Attribution platforms are changing the digital marketing landscape today and getting a good control and how to use them effectively can significant improve your conversion rate.

Through gaining a solid understanding of what attribution is depends on your companies goals. It is important to appreciate the function of attribution and how it can benefit your business. Having a solid attribution strategy in place means you are able to determine the value of all your marketing touch points, which is extremely important now that consumers are using multiple devices.

Grow with Attribution Marketing

Attribution is continuously evolving as consumers demand more from companies so it is key to understand and develop your attribution strategy now rather than later. Ensure that all members of your marketing team, agencies or third party channels understand the goal for your business, understanding the data you have as an objective truth. This week, Crawford will discuss:

  • What is attribution marketing?
  • Why is it so important to the digital marketing world?
  • What are the key elements of attribution tracking?
  • What kind of click model do you recommend?
  • What are attribution best practices, and who needs to understand them?
  • How do I choose a platform?
  • What is the future for attribution?

Take 20 minutes out of your day as Crawford answers all of Bundy’s questions and more. This is a snippet into all the benefits you will gain learning how to strategically use attribution tracking. This knowledge is a necessity, as consumers are demanding more from businesses, on more personal devices.

It is key to start taking the baby steps with attribution, as by taking these steps you will be able to understand how things are working with every change you see. It will then become unique to your business and you will be able to evolve your product or service.

Are you ready to take those first steps towards mastering attribution? Do you want to build your business with search, digital and social media strategies? Get in touch with a quick email to Todd Crawford or the sales team at todd@impactradius.com, or visit their website at www.impactradius.com.

If you want to know how you can improve your affiliate marketing and digital strategy, take a moment to listen to the Digital Strategy Insights podcast. Then if you want to reach out to us  find us on Facebook  or on Twitter @trusttheexperts.

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Iain Bundy

Iain is the co-founder and CFO of All Inclusive Marketing (AIM). As one of the driving forces of exceptional digital and performance marketing business, Iain sets the standard of excellence in finance and operations. Iain has been instrumental in helping AIM win multiple awards, including Best Company of the Year through Small Business BC. He was also a driving force in creating the fastest growing private practice in Investor's Group 80 year history.