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Author: Sarah Bundy

31 May 8 Key Takeaways & Reflections of a Top 100 Female Entrepreneur

This month I was honored with the #55 spot on Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs list by Canadian Business, Profit and Chatelaine Magazines. (Before I continue, my sincerest thanks to each of you for this incredible honor!) As I sit and reflect upon my time as an entrepreneur, I feel overwhelmingly grateful and moved by the opportunities that life has presented me. Since starting my business in 2009, I have been recognized as a Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategist by the Online Marketing Institute, an Expert in Affiliate Marketing by the New York Times, won multiple awards for our clients and team in business and performance (affiliate) marketing, and most recently, led our team to win Company of the Year in the province of British Columbia through Small Business BC. Although I believe many of these accolades contributed to the honor of being ranked as a Top 100 Female Entrepreneur in Canada (coupled with our 6000% growth over the past five years), I feel there are deeper, more meaningful pieces that have contributed to my personal success that I’d like to share, and hope will be helpful for you too.
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09 Sep How to Sell on Amazon – FRB or FBM

As Amazon, eBay, Froogle (Google Product Search, also previously known as Google Base) become more important than ever in the ecommerce world, it becomes more essential for companies to learn how to own the marketplaces and compete on a product level in the shopping comparison engines. Shoppers are becoming more internet savvy as well as price conscious, knowing there is almost always a better deal out there if only they take a few extra minutes to look. However with marketplaces and shopping comparison engines easily available, why would a customer do their research manually one site at a time? Marketplaces and CSE (Comparison Shopping Engines) allow customers to have a broad look at several different merchants selling the same product, and compare prices, descriptions, shipping terms, tax rates, seller ratings and pretty much anything else they need to know in order to make a buying decision, all on one results page of a CSE. Many of these CSE and marketplaces use datafeeds to list merchant products, and there are some very definitive do's and don'ts in order to properly optimize and successfully sell in these marketplaces. With Amazon being the largest and most well-known marketplace in the world, let's focus on how to effectively sell on Amazon to start.
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26 Aug How eBay is Shaping the Future of eCommerce 3.0

ebay shapes the future of ecommerce 3.0Amazon has been #1 in eCommerce for years in the Internet Retailer's Top 500, generating over $34 billion in sales in 2010 with an average growth rate of 39.53%. They generate 320 million visits each month with over 70 million of those being unique. Flipping through the Top 500 Guide it's hard to find eBay on the list. However eBay is quickly becoming a world leader in the eCommerce world. In early 2011, Vice President and Head of eBay North America eBay Inc., Christopher Payne, kicked off the Internet Retailer Conference in 2011 with a detailed look at eBay's strategy for taking advantage of new retail trends across mobile, social, local and digital. He provided insights into how eBay views these retail trends and their impact on the future of shopping.
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11 Aug How Affiliate Marketing can Increase your Bottom Line

If you're a business that utilizes a website to drive sales or leads this article is for you. The question? What is affiliate marketing and how will it increase my bottom line? Affiliate marketing is like having a performance based online sales force consistently driving targeted traffic to your website 24/7. This sales force is experienced in finding specific visitors and getting them to your website by helping them make a buying decision through third party endorsements, product information pages and other relevant related articles.
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25 Jul Affiliate Marketing Definitions

We often get asked questions about what affiliate marketing is and how it helps a business. In that discussion we sometimes bring up particular sayings or phrases that are specific to the affiliate marketing industry. Below is a list of common definitions used within affiliate marketing in order to help clarify important phrases commonly used within the industry: Cost Per Action (CPA) Also know as Pay Per Action (PPA), Pay Per Sale (PPS) or Pay Per Purchase (PPP). This is the commission which is paid to an affiliate on the amount the customer purchased.
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30 Jun The 5 Decision Every Customer Makes Before they Buy

A few years ago I took a course from a professional sales trainer, Howard Olsen, on how to be an effective sales agent and close bigger deals. I never ended up going into professional sales, however there was one thing I took away from that class that I will never forget, and still applies to online sales completely.

The 5 Decisions Every Customer Makes before they Buy (in this order!) are:
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