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29 Jul 5 Things to Consider When Selecting an OPM

Selecting an OPMWhether you've worked with an OPM before or this is your first time finding an agency to help manage your program, it is incredibly important to find the right partner for you and your brand. Here at AIM, having the right fit with clients is integral to the success of both parties. As an in house affiliate manager, or marketing manager, your life is going to be made a lot easier if you find an OPM that fits with your company and that you can trust to be an extension to your team.
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20 Jul Digital Strategy Insights #015 – The History of Content Marketing – With Joe Pulizzi

performance marketing podcastDo you want to reach, engage, and convert your buyers online? Do you want to increase new customer acquisitions? Do you want to drive consistent, profitable online sales growth for your brand? Here is the Digital Strategy Insights podcast brought to you by All Inclusive Marketing, with your host John Levine. Today’s topic is relevant to all stages of digital marketing and all kinds of different channels: we’re talking about content.
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14 Jul The Importance of Context: Revenue

The Importance of Context: RevenueSummer is in full swing for the Northern Hemisphere and Q3 has officially begun. Many affiliate programs are presenting or beginning to implement Q3 strategies while also taking a look back at Q2 to see what they can learn and improve on. Managers want to know if programs are on the right track. They want to know if they will meet revenue forecasts and projections. Many sales driven industries, not just affiliate marketing, focus primarily on revenues, costs, and profits for a program. This is great for high level decision making such as budget allocation or whether it might be advantageous to outsource the work, but for those involved in the details of creating strategies and running an affiliate program, those numbers need to be put in context.
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06 Jul Digital Strategy Insights #014 – Why You Need to Rethink Your Attribution Tracking To Boost Sales

performance marketing podcastAre you looking to improve you attribution tracking? Have you heard about the upcoming changes to Google shop and want to know how it will affect your business? Online retailing is a complex shopping environment and can be tough to get your head around, but this week's episode is here to help.
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25 Jun 3 Ways to Optimize A Site’s Navigation and Consumer Experience Using Taxonomy

optimize website navigation using taxonomyWhen it comes to site navigation, exposure and visibility is definitely key. Much of the prized exposure comes in the form of banners, logo placements, sponsorships, and article features. As a merchant working with an affiliate, this symbiotic relationship is crucial and is a measurement for performance and success. The way to increase value with an affiliate or publisher from a client’s perspective is to assist in optimizing the user experience and help those consumers easily find your brand. A great example of this can be found on a deals and coupons site where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of merchants and offers throughout the site. How does one get found? Understanding the customer’s navigation experience can be of great benefit to both you and the affiliate.
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22 Jun Digital Strategy Insights #013 – Managing the Managers – Putting Together a First Class Affiliate Management Team

performance marketing podcastAre you looking to hire new affiliate marketing managers for your business? Or do you want to get yourself into one of the top affiliate marketing companies as a manager? This week's podcast will provide all these answers and more. Welcome to the Digital Strategy Insights Podcast, brought to you by All Inclusive Marketing. This week's episode focuses on all things recruitment; from getting yourself hired, how to manage affiliate marketing managers, or how to hire the right person for your team.
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17 Jun 8 Things You Need To Know About Social Media & SEO

social media and seoSocial isn’t the new SEO, but the two are being stirred together quicker than companies are able to react. The SEO specialist, Social Media Specialist and Content Specialist are all going to have to work closely with one another in order to achieve strategy goals. These are tightly interwoven disciplines and shouldn’t be approached separately in any company’s strategy for digital marketing. One affects the other, so no sense in procrastinating your digital marketing redesign if they’re not set up together yet, because it won’t be changing.
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03 Jun Over Optimizing a Paid Search Campaign

optimizing a pay per click campaignI was watching “Through the Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman on DVR the other night, on the topic of “Are we Here for a Reason?” Jim Sethna,, a physicist from Cornell, talked about how systems are designed by nature to operate on the edge of a knife so to speak—that is, marginally close to collapse at all times, and as a result, operating at peak efficiency. I immediately began to think that the best AdWords campaigns operate in exactly the same manner: Profitable through risk and adventure, and moments from dissolving into chaos and bankruptcy without proper management.
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