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26 Feb How To Be More Scientific With Your Social Media

what to track on social media to improve your ROIAs a marketer how often have you seen social media campaigns being executed with no clear and concise measuring set in place? It is work being done for the sake of work. Businesses know they have to be active on social media, but most go on to start their accounts and throw out posts without any clear direction except for the obvious feedback like the number of shares and likes a post or page gets. Social media is a tool for business just like any other. It is up to you as a marketer to utilize it in a way that brings growth to your brand.
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23 Feb Digital Strategy Insights #003 – Why Evolving Your Attribution Strategy Is a Must… And How to Do It

performance marketing podcastIf you want to improve your digital strategy as an affiliate marketer, exponentially grow your profits for you and your business, then this podcast is for you. Learn from the online marketing elite to reach your growth goals. Welcome to the Digital Strategy Insights podcast with your host Sarah Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing. The landscape of attribution strategy has rapidly changed since people have started using multiple devices, which has been trying for some, but for those ready to learn it is an exciting new challenge.
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20 Feb What Affiliate Marketers Need to Know About the Bitly and VigLink Partnership

bitly and viglink affiliate marketingAre you an affiliate marketer? If so you’ll want to read this. It’s big news for affiliates and merchants this week. There has been a lot of commotion about the recent changes with Bitly, the link-shortening and tracking tool many affiliates use. Like Hootsuite, Shareist and countless other link shortening tools out there, Bitly has been the go-to one for most marketers. Many affiliates use these abbreviated links to push to their followers via social and other channels, redirecting the reader to the webpage or landing page. Bitly has just announced that it became a Viglink publisher, meaning the links you extract from Bitly are being monetized by the two parties.
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16 Feb Digital Strategy Insights #002 – Boost Your Social Media Performance

performance marketing podcastAre you a brand or affiliate marketer looking to grow your search, social media and digital strategy? Do you want to drive consistent, profitable online sales growth for your business, and learn from the top online marketing experts? Welcome to the Digital Strategy Insights podcast brought to you by All Inclusive Marketing, hosted by Founder and CEO, Sarah Bundy. Social media presence has changed dramatically for both brands and their affiliates, and for those who have kept pace with the changing landscape the rewards have been spectacular.
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11 Feb 7 Savvy Tips to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Whether you’re a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or a dedicated employee, time always seems to be of the essence. On a daily basis, you run into tasks that can challenge your skillsets and even sometimes making them seem nearly impossible to accomplish. What contributing factors...

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09 Feb Digital Strategy Insights #001 – Affiliate Summit: The Leaders in Affiliate Marketing Events

performance marketing podcastAre you looking to expand your search, social and digital marketing strategy as an affiliate marketer? Is your goal to develop a consistent growth in sales for your business, whilst learning from the online marketing pros? We’ll help you with your affiliate marketing with this new podcast, Digital Strategy Insights. Join host Sarah Bundy, founder and CEO of All Inclusive Marketing as she interviews experts in the field and provides tips and knowledge to improve marketing strategies.
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