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11 Feb How Influence Can Drive Results – 6 Key Takeaways

Here are some of my key takeaways and insights from How Influence Can Drive Results at Brainstation in Vancouver: The Brands - Key Takeaways Tech companies Assembly and Social Nature presented two influencer marketing tools to an audience of agencies, brands, and influencers. Each presentation showcasing insightful influencer...

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09 Jun 22 Useful Ecommerce and Mobile Stats for Fashion Retailers

Last month, AIM attended LA Fashion Digital, an ecommerce conference that included: 500 eCommerce professionals from fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands 80 speakers from top retailers and technologists Panels and discussions on mobile, social and influencer marketing, multi-channel marketing attribution, SEO/SEM, customer acquisition and retention, and...

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20 Jul Digital Strategy Insights #015 – The History of Content Marketing – With Joe Pulizzi

performance marketing podcastDo you want to reach, engage, and convert your buyers online? Do you want to increase new customer acquisitions? Do you want to drive consistent, profitable online sales growth for your brand? Here is the Digital Strategy Insights podcast brought to you by All Inclusive Marketing, with your host John Levine. Today’s topic is relevant to all stages of digital marketing and all kinds of different channels: we’re talking about content.
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07 May 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Affiliate Recruitment

Outsource affiliate recruitmentYou're an affiliate program manager. You've got an in-house team but your program doesn't seem to be growing at the rate you would like it to. Your team members feel stretched and aren't able to spend the necessary time to build quality relationships with your current affiliates because they are trying to bring in new opportunities as well. And to top it all off you have senior management breathing down your neck reminding you all too often that the sales targets need to be hit. You need help. You want to grow your program but you don't want to completely hand over the reins to someone else. You're doing a great job- you just need some support! Why not free up your teams' time and outsource recruitment efforts? Here are 4 reasons why you should:
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23 Apr How to Rock Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

affiliate marketing on facebookSay you spend 10 hours a week on your blog or website. You’re in discussion with various brands and labels that reach out to you to promote their products. You’re spending long hours editing your photos and article posts to make sure that your readers are happy. This is your hobby and you’re having fun with it. Say you have about 2,000 unique visitors daily (60k monthly), a rising page rank and with each passing month an improved alexa score. Your social media following is skyrocketing! You are rocking your blog and doing a great job with content. You’re thinking you should probably start monetizing your efforts and get rewarded for all the great content you’re putting out there. Now what? Your social media strengths can help you convert and optimize your efforts across all other channels you’re currently on.
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20 Apr Digital Strategy Insights #010 – 7 Need to Knows in Working with Super Affiliates

performance marketing podcastIs your business ready and waiting to engage with super affiliates, reaping all the benefits? Do you want to promote your business, reach new customers and increase sales through affiliate marketing? Here is the Digital Strategy Insights Podcast with your host Jon Levine, brought to you by All Inclusive Marketing. This podcast is here for you; with all the helpful tips and tricks you need to help improve your businesses growth and marketing strategies.
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