CMO's Guide to Performance Marketing | All Inclusive Marketing
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CMO’s Guide To Performance Marketing

Did you know that performance marketing model (also known as affiliate marketing) if done well, can bring you 90% more new customers right in front of your online or offline store?

If you think of performance marketing as this formula: Revenue = Visitors x Click Rate x Conversion Rate x Commission you’ll notice that improving and optimizing any one of these factors on the right side of this equation will increase the sales and performance of your business.

CMO’s Guide To Performance Marketing

This infographic will give you insights about the key elements a Performance Marketing Plan needs to have:

  • Strengthen your Online Marketing Strategy
  • Define your Performance Marketing Goal
  • Select the Best Affiliate Network for Your Business
  • Prepare an Accurate Media Plan
  • Communicate and Engage with Affiliates
  • Monitor, Measure and Improve your Affiliate Program