How to Protect Your Brand Online with BrandVerity
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Digital Strategy Insights #004 – How to Protect Your Brand Online with BrandVerity

02 Mar Digital Strategy Insights #004 – How to Protect Your Brand Online with BrandVerity

performance marketing podcastIf you want to improve your brand protection strategies online, build on your brand reputation and protect your business from third party arbitrage, then this is the podcast for you. Tune in and learn from the online brand protection elite to keep your business on track.

Welcome to the Digital Strategy Insights podcast with your host Sarah Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing. Brand protection is becoming a necessity for any business with a reputation to protect, it is time to learn how to adapt and rise to the challenge.

Listen as this week’s guest, David Naffziger, the CEO of BrandVerity, is here to answer the most pressing questions in the world of brand protection. BrandVerity is a provider of award-winning enterprise technology solutions that combat online trademark abuse and advertising fraud. They monitor paid search, social media and coupon code usage for competitive, affiliate and partner compliance. BrandVerity’s services enable clients to identify abuse and efficiently take action to resolve the issues discovered.

This week Naffziger and Bundy will talk over comprehensive digital marketing strategies and how to increase your brand protection.

Protect Your Brand Online

There are many new brand protection challenges in the online space and having the correct digital strategies will ensure you reduce the threat to your business. The threat to your brand reputation is real and something BrandVerity work to protect every day.

Each marketing channel has its own risks and challenges as other entities attempt to leverage your brand traffic to their gain. Most importantly content protection is every team members responsibility and BrandVerity is there to help combat lost traffic, increased ad spend and damages in reputation to keep your business growth on track.

Maximize Your Resources

Ensuring you maximize your own resources is the first step in battling the issue of brand abuse online. In order to combat the issue you need to work on network based solutions within your affiliate networks to stop your business losing control over brand abuse. Listen this week as Naffziger answers questions such as:

  • What are the challenges in brand protection today?
  • What are some of the issues in paid search, trademark protection and affiliate compliance?
  • What are some issues with content compliance and how do brands deal with those today?
  • How can these issues damage brand reputation?
  • What strategies should brands have in place to combat these issues?
  • What can BrandVerity do to help brands solve these problems?

The answers to these pressing questions are a doorway into successfully protecting your brand from third party abuse online. Listening to all the advice Naffziger has to offer will ensure your consumer engagement stays on the right path, without falling prey to third party arbitrage.

Even if the damage has already been done and your affiliate control has failed, BrandVerity is here to help maximize your brand protection strategies. Gaining a broader view of the issues will ensure they create a complete digital strategy in addressing brand protection.

Having a strategic plan in place to protect your brand and save yourself from digital abuse is key. So contact Naffziger via email at dave @ or visit the website

This podcast is a sure fire way to improve your company’s digital strategy, performance and most importantly, brand protection. You can easily get in touch with us today to discuss your digital strategy needs or visit us on Facebook or Twitter, @trusttheexperts.

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Iain Bundy

Iain is the co-founder and CFO of All Inclusive Marketing (AIM). As one of the driving forces of exceptional digital and performance marketing business, Iain sets the standard of excellence in finance and operations. Iain has been instrumental in helping AIM win multiple awards, including Best Company of the Year through Small Business BC. He was also a driving force in creating the fastest growing private practice in Investor's Group 80 year history.