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Insights and Resources for Digital Marketing Managers

Sharpen your online marketing skills and learn from our experts the best strategies on how to conduct effective digital marketing strategies and campaigns that drive incremental sales and traffic to stores and website

This is a series of resources (eBooks, white papers, infographics) that we share with you on a weekly basis. Each email contains a single lesson on eCommerce Business Strategies for Growth.

These will help you improve your actual eCommerce strategy in order to increase your overall sales, engagements, and email captures while lowering your marketing costs.

Successful Methods for Affiliate Recruitment

The eBook “Successful Methods for Affiliate Recruitment” is designed to help affiliate and marketing managers discover best practices and strategies used by global leaders in the performance marketing industry.

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How Social Media Impacts SEO

Does your Social Media Strategy goes hand in hand with SEO? Incorporating a strong SEO strategy into the design of a Social Media Plan can greatly improve its chances of success. For an online store to succeed, customers must be able to easily.

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CMO’s Guide to Performance Marketing

Did you know that performance marketing model if done well, can bring you 90% more new customers right in front of your online or offline store?

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Creating Agile SEO Campaigns

Agile Marketing is the application of a simple process popularized by software developers of “build, measure and learn” to marketing practices.

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