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09 Jun 22 Useful Ecommerce and Mobile Stats for Fashion Retailers

Last month, AIM attended LA Fashion Digital, an ecommerce conference that included: 500 eCommerce professionals from fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands 80 speakers from top retailers and technologists Panels and discussions on mobile, social and influencer marketing, multi-channel marketing attribution, SEO/SEM, customer acquisition and retention, and...

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29 Apr Rethinking Attribution in a Complex Shopping Environment

attribution for online shopping channelsThe path to purchase is a long journey these days. Consumers are literally inundated by offers, products, and value propositions. We can easily envision scenarios where the most loyal of your customers will visit 3 or more websites before deciding to buy a product you offer. The giants like Amazon are in their field of view daily, using complex and highly effective remarketing tactics to lure them away from your shopping cart and into theirs.
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17 Dec Travel is Very Social

It’s not surprising that one of the most shared topics on social media is travel. ShareThis, which tracks social media sharing, released new data related to the popularity and impact of social sharing of travel information. The figures are based on analyzing 52 million unique users...

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