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09 Jun 22 Useful Ecommerce and Mobile Stats for Fashion Retailers

Last month, AIM attended LA Fashion Digital, an ecommerce conference that included: 500 eCommerce professionals from fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands 80 speakers from top retailers and technologists Panels and discussions on mobile, social and influencer marketing, multi-channel marketing attribution, SEO/SEM, customer acquisition and retention, and...

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26 Aug How eBay is Shaping the Future of eCommerce 3.0

ebay shapes the future of ecommerce 3.0Amazon has been #1 in eCommerce for years in the Internet Retailer's Top 500, generating over $34 billion in sales in 2010 with an average growth rate of 39.53%. They generate 320 million visits each month with over 70 million of those being unique. Flipping through the Top 500 Guide it's hard to find eBay on the list. However eBay is quickly becoming a world leader in the eCommerce world. In early 2011, Vice President and Head of eBay North America eBay Inc., Christopher Payne, kicked off the Internet Retailer Conference in 2011 with a detailed look at eBay's strategy for taking advantage of new retail trends across mobile, social, local and digital. He provided insights into how eBay views these retail trends and their impact on the future of shopping.
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14 Aug mCommerce is on the rise

With smartphone usage on the rise, it's no surprise that mobile shopping is too. According to a survey conducted by eDigitalResearch and PortalTech, out of the UK, 25% of the 1,205 consumers polled had used their mobile device to browse a shopping website or app in the week preceding the survey. 20% of those consumers went on to complete a purchase. This indicates a fundamental shift in the way consumers are shopping. [caption id="attachment_294" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="20% of consumers will make more mobile purchases in the future"]20% of consumers will make more mobile purchases in the future[/caption]
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