With a passion for marketing and international business, Shang combines her traditional marketing experience with an eye for innovative marketing trends and industry insights, She believes in enthusiastically championing the right fit between a publisher’s values with those of their partners at AIM.

After achieving a university degree in Advertising, PR, and Marketing, Brittany started her career in the affiliate industry working on the network side, managing several brands in many verticals including travel, retail, and B2B. Joining AIM in 2020, Brittany’s experience in both network and agency sides brings a unique perspective to the table and furthers her passion for making connections and fostering valuable relationships.

Joining the AIM team in 2020, Katey brings her digital marketing experience and creative mindset into the world of affiliate. With a Master of Business Administration alongside a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Katey possesses a symbiotic understanding of both general business practices as well as human behavioural psychology.

Joining AIM in 2021, Natalie’s dedicated and results-driven attitude has guided her journey of over fifteen years in the retail and digital marketing space. She has contributed to revenue growth for leading retailers through a combination of data analysis, innovative problem-solving, and exceptional team leadership skills. Natalie is passionate about affiliate marketing and believes in the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.

Following All Inclusive Marketing’s 11th anniversary in 2020, Alistair officially became a member of the team. With previous team leadership, business development, and project management experience in the startup industry, Alistair has the necessary tools for a strategic and analytical approach to his tasks.

Cathryn joined AIM in the fall of 2019 as an Associate Account Manager with experience in traditional marketing. Aside from her background in marketing, Cathryn spent several years working within the travel and hospitality industry, giving her valuable customer service experience.

In 2019, Trentt made the leap into affiliate marketing and joined the AIM team. With over 5 years’ experience in the digital marketing space, Trentt has the proven ability to execute projects and provide world-class support to his clients.

Joining AIM at the beginning of 2020, Scarlett brings a wealth of international experience to her role as Account Manager. Working in New York, China, London, and now based in Vancouver, she continues to provide world-class expertise specializing in affiliate marketing. Her skill set enables her to inspire, support, and deliver strategies that result in profitable partnerships.

Joining AIM in January 2019, Nikki’s athletic and academic background has allowed her to expand and accelerate her affiliate marketing career. With a Masters in Communications and previous experience as a freelance social media consultant, Nikki has developed a unique understanding of the relationship between technology and consumers.