Cabela’s Case Study
Fashion & Apparel
“We absolutely love working with AIM, as they are exceedingly professional, experienced, and detailed in their approach to affiliate program management. We look to them often for their expertise and guidance when needed, and highly recommend them in creating efficient affiliate marketing programs that scale.” – Sarah Hohman, Digital Marketing Program Manager, Cabela’s



As a trusted partner in best-in-class affiliate program management, Cabela’s hired AIM to conduct a deep dive evaluation of their affiliate marketing program. They wanted to identify areas of improved efficiency and higher ROAS across technology, campaign design and partner infrastructures to maximize program ROI and profitability.



After evaluating Cabela’s affiliate marketing program and identifying that it was already designed to be highly efficient and productive, the one key area of opportunity AIM found was in designing a robust partner tagging and grouping infrastructure that would allow Cabela’s to efficiently scale communications, campaigns, content and reporting by partner type, vertical and product focus.


Cabela’s then engaged AIM to design and build out that infrastructure, which ultimately enabled the Cabela’s affiliate marketing team to increase activation, engagement and sales performance with strategic partners at scale, while enabling the efficient distribution of product and category campaigns focused more on content than on offers and exclusive codes, immediately resulting in incremental sales and more positive ROI.


Affiliate Program Evaluation Case Study