RitzCamera Case Study

RitzCamera intuitively knew that bloggers and other influencers were contributing to their brand, but believed their value was being obscured by the last click from coupon sites. They looked to their agency, All Inclusive Marketing (AIM), for tangible insight.


With click path reporting, AIM was able to see how often content sites were losing out to coupon sites, driving them to adjust commission rates for both groups accordingly. Under AIM’s strategic direction, Ritz Camera shifted their crediting strategy and began tracking conversions with unique promo codes and URLs to better reward incremental contributors. Coupling this with a renewed focus on influencers, RitzCamera quickly saw a drastic improvement in both revenue and profitability.


“Through the use of the Impact Radius technology and All Inclusive Marketing's management, the Ritz Camera affiliate program was able to see significant growth in 2016.”- Ariel Friedman, Marketing Director


Case Study RitzCamera Impact AIM