Groupe Dynamite Case Study
Fashion & Apparel

By the end of 2017, Groupe Dynamite was looking to reinvigorate their affiliate programs for both Garage and Dynamite brands, and hired AIM to help solve for their current program stagnation. This partnership’s goal was to create a structure and strategic growth plan to support the overall business objectives of profitable and incremental growth.

AIM constructed a brand aligned strategy to build out US Market expansion and shift the publisher focus toward strategic content partners (including social influencers, fashion bloggers, YouTubers and Key Media Partners) to push the program into new markets (both geographically and with specific target audiences).



AIM focused on the increased utilization of data insights and technology, a diversified partner portfolio, and content-driven optimization and conversion campaigns to drive growth beyond traditional coupon and loyalty sites. Coming off the second half of 2017 where revenue was down -15% over the former year, the first half of 2018 with AIM was already exceeded YTD targets, driven by 43% YoY growth. This was supported by 93% YoY revenue growth in the US, and by the contribution of Influencers who grew by 66% YTD. Finally, program profitability (ROI) improved drastically in 2018 YTD, at 1640% vs. 1172% in the previous 6-month period.


“Groupe Dynamite is happy with AIM’s performance and our partnership with them. The program design and efficient execution of our brand aligned plan has already gained impressive traction in all key areas of growth. They have gained us new placements and sales active social influencers and content partners that we otherwise would not have achieved without their help. They know how to drive results in all key areas of incrementality, and we have felt exceptionally aligned and well taken care of every step of the way.” – Andre Luchaninov, Manager Customer Acquisition - Dynamite

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