Influencer Marketing

The All Inclusive Marketing team will help you build and manage all appropriate social channels to deliver maximum and meaningful engagement with your existing and potential buyers and ambassadors. Done right, social media is a great way to generate broader awareness for your brand and attract new customers.

But it’s not just about growing Likes and getting more followers – it’s about helping you understand where and how customers want to interact with your brand including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

53% of Americans who follow brands in social media are more loyal to those brands. – The Social Habit

We research your audience, spend time getting to know them and go deep into your analytics to ensure you’re sending the most relevant messaging to the right customers – the ones that have a greater likelihood of converting into repeat buyers and loyal fans of your brand.

We also understand that your brand reputation is paramount and work with you to craft consistent messaging that is in-line with your business goals. This helps to increase trust, drive loyalty with users, and ensures existing customers and prospective buyers always see you in the most positive light.

By determining key tracking and performance metrics, we can help you uncover the most efficient and effective allocation of your internal resources across your social media channels for higher ROI.

AIM puts forward exceptional efforts in our social media campaigns, dedicating many resources and quickly adjusting tactics based on user behaviour, competition and unforeseen challenges. They have helped us get kick started in what will become a hugely successful long term social media channel. – Sean Wilson, CEO, MyDealBag.com