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With social media predictably leaning towards paid content, your business has undoubtedly considered reaching audiences via paid social campaigns. Paid social can cost considerably less per click or acquisition and targeting flexibility can help you reach customers you may not be able to specifically target in an SEM campaign with keywords alone.

“Social media marketing has taken targeting to a new level.”
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We specialize in Facebook / Instagram marketing because we believe that these social platforms provide the best targeting and costs. We can help create your custom audiences, lookalikes and ad content and ensure that your message is shown to the right person – your next customer.

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Social retargeting is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to increase visibility and help a potential customer make the final buying decision with your business. We specialize in retargeting ads for social and can help with pixel creation and proper, robust analytics tracking. If you’re looking at paid social as a marketing channel, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve tried Facebook marketing before, but measuring our results were too difficult in the Facebook Ads dashboard. How can you help?

We set up robust tracking via Google Tag Manager to ensure that all paid social data runs through Analytics with proper source and revenue attribution so that your paid social returns are clear and up front.


We already incorporate retargeting in our PPC campaign, do we need retargeting in Facebook too?

Yes. Retargeting is an essential part of paid marketing today and without Facebook retargeting, you are leaving money on the table by now reaching out to potential customers a crucial stage of the buying cycle.


Do you also run campaigns in other social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn?

Yes of course we do. We have simply found that Facebook / Instagram to have the best counter balance to current SEM regarding targeting options. If you would like to market your business specifically in LinkedIn or Twitter, we can help.

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