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AIM_azing Culture

Step into our world and get to know the incredible team that makes AIM so unique!

With over 100 years of combined experience in the world of affiliate marketing, our diverse team spans across Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Despite this, our fully remote team operates seamlessly as one cohesive unit, driven by a shared passion for excellence and innovation. What truly sets us apart is our culture of camaraderie and collaboration; we’re not just colleagues, but a supportive family that rallies together to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results for our clients. Explore our culture page to discover the unique talents and personalities that fuel our success!

AIMs 5 Ps

AIM Excellence Awards

At AIM, we like to recognize the different traits that make each team member exceptional. We do this with our AIM Excellence awards.


Staying Connected

Our team stays connected through Slack, but not just for client and industry updates—The AIM team stays connected on a personal level with fun Slack channels. These channels help us get to know our fellow AIMers better and keep us bonded.

You can find us chatting and sharing in:

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