Affiliate marketing has been steadily growing in Canada and is a billion-dollar industry. Many U.S. and global partners are eager to tap into the Canadian market and we can help!

Our team of experts understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to manage and every market has its own audience and nuances. As a Canadian company that’s been in the industry since 2009, AIM brings valuable insights and know-how to the table.

  • We don’t focus on a single commission structure, campaign, or type of partnership, we focus on what will bring the most value to your business.
  • We don’t bucket-manage, we develop, optimize and scale custom partnerships, mapping engaging content, diverse channels, and strategic conversion paths with the proper incentives, to maximize the performance of each partner.

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Top Brands in Canada

Maximize your Canadian affiliate marketing potential! Explore aspects of the unique landscape, top networks, publishers, and more with our comprehensive guide.

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Local Management Team

From our Associate Account Managers to our CEO and Founder, we have seasoned Canadian AIMers to help take your Canadian program to the next level.

AIM associate account manager
AIM associate account manager

What Our Clients Say


AIM has been essential to our affiliate program. The content and incentive programs they have helped ideate and develop for our affiliate partners have really lifted the results of our program…All of this, combined with their persistent and tailored recruiting efforts makes All-Inclusive Marketing exactly what their name suggests”

Robin Henery

Affiliate Partnerships Manager,
Digital Marketing, Big Commerce

“We're excited about AIM's track record with B2B affiliate marketing. We know our program has a lot of potential and trust your team to drive results. Your dedication to impact/ESG as a company also makes you a great partner for us in that you can put yourselves in the shoes of our clients and our brand.”

Head of Marketing

Packed With Purpose

“The AIM team has powered some incredibly successful affiliate programs but also has a progressive and modern view of partnerships that I think is very unique in this space and can really help your partner program stand out"

Nicolette Lopes

Channel Partnerships

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