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No marketing effort is worthwhile unless you have the analytics and insights to attribute metrics to its success. Attribution for affiliate programs is especially important. It helps answer some key questions – is my affiliate program acquiring net-new customers? Is my affiliate program cannibalizing other marketing efforts? Which affiliate and influencer partnerships are actually contributing to the sale?

Without analytics to make sense of the data, many of your marketing decisions are made blindly, which wastes time, money and is a huge opportunity risk. AIM can handle your affiliate marketing analytics and attribution management, so you never have to guess again.

We have led the way in Analytics & Attribution and data-based affiliate program management for nearly a decade. We have some of the most advanced insights and analytics tools in the industry, including projection and placement planning tools, and ROI / ROAS trackers.

“Data is key to any marketing channel. Air tight data combined with good instincts make every decision profitable.”
Affiliate Program Analytics and Attribution

Attribution has moved way beyond payout calculations. Attribution is now an essential data set when making any cross-channel marketing decision. Attribution allows you to understand not just where your revenues originate, but how your affiliate program affects all your marketing channel as your potential customer moves through your advertising touch points.

Let AIM help your team implement robust attribution analytics and performance insights into your program and lead your program to profitability and growth while leveraging your other marketing channels.

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Why AIM?

Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018

Advanced Analytics, Attribution and Data Insights into your program, partnerships and performance metrics

Certified Technology and Network Partners in Affiliate, Attribution and Reporting Analytics, including Google Analytics

In-House Consumer Behavioral Economist coupled with powerful AI insights technology reads insights into your transactions, buyer behavior and partner performance data

Best in Class Data Interpretation

All Inclusive Marketing Awards
Frequently Asked Questions
What tools and tech do you use for your attribution and data analysis?

Think of us as your expert level strategic growth and management team. We look at the technology you’re already using and identify what gaps or areas of improvement you have with your current tech, and then make strong recommendations on how to optimize it further, replace it, or add the needed pieces in order to maximize insights, reporting and analytics capabilities. In many cases we find that our clients are on a great technology already yet simply haven’t optimized it.  We absolutely help with that.

Alternatively, we find that clients are on an out-dated technology for what they need, so conduct a program evaluation to understand what metrics and KPIs need to be measured and how to best implement it into the program.

Internally, we have built out two robust analytics technologies that help us to manage data efficiently, transparently, granularly down to the transaction, device, geo-target and partner level, to name a few. We also use our AI to project performance based on several variables including past performance, seasonality, buyer behaviors, geo-targets, etc.

There are a lot of options out there in the tracking, data analysis and attribution front for affiliate, influencer and performance-based marketing, and we will help you make the right decisions for you and your brand, while leveraging the power of AIM Insights technology as well.


What kind of performance metrics do you look at that drive growth?

No individual metric can be used to drive a program strategy which is why we look at a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data points to measure and drive our growth strategies. We are looking for factors in your program that correlate with augmentations in new customer growth, pulled sales from competitors, and increased revenue from current customers. We try to add context to the overall markers that are commonly used to assess the health of an affiliate program. We also have different acceptable tolerances depending on our clients’ specific goals and program details. We want to see sales and revenue grow from our activities, but there are layers of information that a healthy affiliate program needs to evaluate.


How will you define, track and measure incrementality in my program?

We believe incrementality has one main component: capturing conversions and revenue that might not have been captured otherwise. This could be from activities that do things like stealing market share from competitors or introducing the product to new customers, but we also want to extract additional value from existing sales drivers. This can be through increasing order values or purchasing frequency. We can track and measure this using some standard KPIs like new customer rates, but we also break down the qualitative aspects of the purchase funnel to see where we are and can be diverting traffic and sales to our merchants.

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