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The success of any marketing effort depends on attributing metrics to it, especially for affiliate programs. Attribution helps answer crucial questions like acquiring new customers, the impact on other marketing initiatives, and which affiliate and influencer partnerships contribute to sales.

Without proper analytics, marketing decisions are often made blindly, leading to wasted time, money, and missed opportunities. For over a decade, we’ve been leaders in Analytics & Attribution and data-driven affiliate program management. Our expertise, paired with our proprietary AIM Insights technology, utilizes some of the most advanced insights and analytics tools in the industry, including projection and placement planning tools, as well as trackers for measuring return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

AIM Analytics & Attribution

Attribution is more than just payout calculations; it’s a crucial dataset for making informed cross-channel marketing decisions. It provides a comprehensive understanding of revenue sources and how your affiliate program impacts all marketing channels as potential customers interact with your advertising touchpoints.

Let AIM help your team implement robust attribution analytics and performance insights into your program. By leveraging these insights, we’ll guide your program toward profitability and growth while effectively using your other marketing channels.

Expert Knowledge

Take a crash course in affiliate attribution with our helpful infographic.

Gone are the days of a siloed affiliate marketing approach. Read on to learn how to collaborate, grow, and brainstorm across your marketing channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools and tech do you use for your attribution and data analysis?

Think of us as your growth and management experts. We use our AIM Insights technology and your tools to identify and fill gaps. After assessing, we provide strategic recommendations to optimize your technology or incorporate new components for better insights.

Sometimes, clients have strong technology but haven’t fully optimized it, and we help with that! In other cases, clients use outdated technology. We will conduct a thorough evaluation to identify metrics and KPIs, finding the most effective way to incorporate them.

The tracking, data analysis, and attribution landscape offer numerous options. We’ll be sure to guide you in making the right decisions for your brand, considering the power of AIM Insights technology. Together, we’ll achieve optimal results.

What kind of performance metrics do you look at that drive growth?

We don’t rely on a single metric for our program strategy. Instead, we analyze a mix of quantitative and qualitative data points to measure and drive our growth strategies. Our focus is on identifying factors in your program that contribute to increased new customer growth, capturing sales from competitors, and driving revenue from existing customers. We aim to provide context and a deeper understanding of key indicators used to assess the overall health of an affiliate program. Recognizing that each client has unique goals, we establish tailored strategies to meet their specific needs.

How will you define, track and measure incrementality in my program?

We view incrementality as capturing conversions and revenue that might otherwise be missed, such as gaining market share from competitors, reaching new customers, and extracting extra value from existing sales drivers. We monitor standard KPIs like new customer rates while also analyzing qualitative aspects of the purchase funnel to optimize traffic and sales for our merchants. From conversion rates and basket size to AOV and frequency of purchase, we focus on enhancing click-through rates starting at the top of the funnel and working our way down.

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