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Setting up your first affiliate marketing program can be complicated and overwhelming for any brand. AIM has been setting up world-class affiliate programs for nearly 10 years, for B2C and marketplace brands of all sizes.

We have expertise in which technologies and publishers will work best for your brand, products, target audience and growth requirements, and work with you on every aspect of your affiliate program design, set up and launch, from defining the best strategic partners to creating assets, customizing the technology and tools needed to scale and ensuring you have insights into your program performance upon launch.

If your business is looking to enter the performance marketing arena, we ensure that your program is setup the right way, the first time.

“Setting up an affiliate program for success requires key technology and influencer publishers along with a strong understanding of target audience.”
Affiliate Program Setup and Launch

We’re constantly expanding our global partnerships, influencer relationships and analytics, API and AI integration capabilities. When your program is set up with AIM, it’s set up for profitability with best in class tools and support, with growth, results and brand alignment top of mind.

Our programs consistently provide our clients with higher return on investment from advertising spend while promoting new customer acquisition, buyer retention and customer loyalty.

Why AIM?

Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018

Trusted certified technology and affiliate network partners

World class influencer, content and affiliate relationships

Global and local reach opportunities

Agency preferred pricing for additional technology discounts and savings

Advanced knowledge of attribution, crediting logic, API integration capabilities, AI, automation, network toolsets, management workflows and more.

Programs designed for a best-foot-forward launch tied to brand KPIs, targets and corporate objectives

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to do a program set up or migration?

When you are preparing to launch on a new network or tracking platform, it takes time to design the best technology set up, growth strategy and launch plan, tied to your corporate objectives, brand voice, partnership requirements, insight needs, operationally efficiencies, and more.

You then want to ensure that the tech and assets are set up to support your plan. This is important because you need to balance ensuring your partners have everything they need to be successful right out the gate, without them feeling any burden of a move or onboarding experience, while ensuring your tracking is accurate, optimized and integrated into your overall marketing mix.

Further you want to ensure its efficient, designed in a way that maximizes margins and each individual partnership, KPI, transaction, etc.

All in all, a new program design, set up and launch takes 3-4 weeks on average, while a full program migration from one technology to another with a full team of affiliate partners usually takes between 2-3 months if done seamlessly and in the most cared for, systematic manner.


How long does it take to ramp up an affiliate program?

A brand new program launching from scratch usually takes 6-12 months to ramp up and scale into a break even or profitable new customer acquisition or revenue model.

It’s similar to the investment and time you would take to build up your SEO program. A team who knows what they are doing (including which pitfalls to avoid, which assets to create, which partners to reach out to first, which technology requirements need to be set up) needs to set it up, manage it and drive the desired results both short term and long term for the best, most maximized results.

Because the industry changes, technologies change, partnerships change, new innovations and competition enters the space, brands need to have a team who knows what they are doing to be able to compete and scale properly. Successful affiliate marketing doesn’t happen by chance. It takes expertise, consistency, investment, time and daily attention. That said, once It’s developed, affiliate programs can contribute anywhere between 10 to up to 50% of revenue for brands of different sizes*

* Many variables will affect this and its best to speak with an expert at AIM to get more insight into this stat.


How quickly will I be able to see revenue coming in? I realize I might not break even for a few months, but do I have to wait that long to see any sales?

No, usually traffic and sales start coming in the first month the program is live. As soon as affiliates, influencers and content partners can access the program and all the tools, resources and assets available to them, and the tracking is tested and live, they can get their placements up and start driving traffic right away. Depending on the traffic volume and your website conversion rate, this will help define how much revenue comes in the first month the program is live.

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Case Study & Testimonial
Affiliate Program
Allison Crandall
Marketing Manager, Julep

“All Inclusive Marketing has provided such amazing support and has done so much to engage all of our publishers. I have personally been so impressed by how delightful aim is to work with; they are positive and flexible, but knowledgeable and not afraid to correct our course if necessary. It’s sincerely been a pleasure! Thank you for everything.”

Affiliate Program Case Study
Affiliate Program Case Study
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