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Sustained growth is a key characteristic of a thriving affiliate and performance marketing program. Our goal is to achieve year-over-year (YoY) growth and ensure that the affiliate program contributes a healthy percentage of the overall revenue.

At AIM, we specialize in strategic program and partnership growth strategies, along with proactive management. We work diligently to ensure our clients’ affiliate programs consistently generate incremental revenue and maintain a healthy return on ad spend (ROAS) or return on investment (ROI) each year.

Key Pillars to Our Growth Success

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Discover the pros and cons, FAQs, and debunked misconceptions of affiliate marketing in this comprehensive overview for CMOs and executive decision-makers.

Gone are the days of a siloed affiliate marketing approach. Read on to learn how to collaborate, grow, and brainstorm across your marketing channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already working with all the main “super affiliates”. How do you guys plan on driving more incremental sales?

Succeeding through strategic growth involves optimizing key areas like key performance indicators (KPIs) and executing campaigns focused on recruitment, activation, reactivation, optimization, and performance-driven activities. Our growth strategies and KPI-focused campaigns encompass aspects such as onboarding new partners and optimizing metrics like average order value (AOV), conversion rate, customer lifetime value (LTV), customer segmentation, targeted traffic, paid placements, return on ad spend (ROAS), and more.

Recognizing that each company defines incremental revenue differently, we customize our campaigns and management solutions to align with our clients’ unique goals, objectives, and desired outcomes.

What kind of access or assets do you need in order to drive the most significant results?

We believe in working closely with our clients as true partners and an extension of their teams. A crucial aspect of driving growth and scalability is mutual access to performance insights. It is an efficient and powerful approach that ensures alignment with the correct key performance indicators (KPIs). Without transparency and visibility, growth can be hindered, and there may be a disconnect between strategy and execution.

Full transparency into performance drivers allows us to make informed decisions and share key insights with partners. This collaborative approach equips affiliates, influencers, and strategic partners with the tools for optimal success, fostering a true partnership program.

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