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Ongoing affiliate program growth is the hallmarks of an ever-successful affiliate and performance marketing program. Programs where growth becomes stale after the first year tend to become less profitable year over year. What we want is YoY growth and a healthy percentage of overall revenue contribution driven by the affiliate program.

At AIM, we specialize in strategic program and partnership growth strategies and proactive management, allowing our clients’ affiliate programs to deliver incremental revenue and healthy ROAS / ROI each year.

“Incremental revenue growth in an affiliate program is dependant on sound growth strategies. Without which, the program is bound to fail.”
Affiliate Program Growth Strategies

We utilize proven proprietary growth strategies and management systems to drive our affiliate program campaigns, leveraging key earned partnerships to execute on them. Using a marriage of networking, partnerships, tech and analytics, in-house specialists and performance marketing expertise, we’ll make data-based decisions to grow your programs on an ongoing basis, ensuring ongoing accuracy, compliance and most importantly, growth.

Why AIM?

Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018

Award winning performance marketing team acting in your best interest, as an extension to you, your brand, and your team, tied to your overall corporate objectives and channel KPIs

A large database of existing performance-based relationships to help drive growth more quickly

Cutting edge tech and AI that create efficiency funnels for growth

Global reach and new market expansion opportunities abundant

Consistent double and tripping digit YoY growth is our norm

All Inclusive Marketing Awards
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m already working with all the main “super affiliates”. How do you guys plan on driving more incremental sales?

There are several areas to focus strategic growth around, from optimizing KPIs more successfully, to designing, launching and executing growth campaigns around recruitment, activation, re-activation, optimization and performance driving activities, are just a few examples of how strategic growth can be achieved.

Some of these growth strategies and KPI focused campaigns can be around onboarding new partnerships outside of coupon and loyalty partners, while others can be around optimizing KPIs such as AOV, conversion rate, LTV, new vs returning customers, targeted traffic, paid placements & ROAS and so on.

Since incrementality is defined differently by different companies, we look to learn how each of our clients define incremental revenue, or incremental value, and then custom design campaigns and management solutions to deliver on those goals, objectives and desired results.


What kind of access or assets do you need in order to drive the most significant results?

We work with our clients as a true partner and extension to their team, so having access to their performance insights, and vice versa, is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to drive growth and strategic scalability tied to the correct KPIs. If we’re working behind a curtain or driving blindly, making guesses along the way, it can slow growth and cause misalignment between strategy and the execution plan.

With full transparency into things that are driving performance for the brand and cross channel tied to desired results, such as best performing content or keywords, successful campaigns, best converting offers, strategic partnerships, best-selling products, most engaging offers and visuals and more, we can be quicker to leverage these insights and distribute the most strategic insights to our partners, so they can be most successful too.  This to us is a true “partnership” program, where we are fuelling our affiliates, influencers and strategic partners with the things they need to drive the best and most efficient reach, engagement and conversion of your audiences and buyers online.

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Case Study & Testimonial
Abe's Market
Folake Dosu
Affiliate Program Manager, ABE’S MARKET

“Working with AIM is a joy. As a partner, they were absolutely indispensable to our company’s affiliate growth, which grew exponentially as a direct result of their expertise, innovation and commitment to client service. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Affiliate Program Case Study
Abes Market Affiliate Program Case Study
We will act as an extension to your team, and have your best interest at heart.
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