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Diversifying through affiliate, influencer, and partner recruitment is a key to healthy program growth. Our unique approach combines proven outreach, onboarding, and activation strategies with specialized tools and technology. We also utilize existing strategic partnerships to create a diverse recruitment portfolio. This comprehensive process becomes a vital engine driving your sales and revenue growth, ensuring success for both you and your brand.

If your current affiliate management design is still trying to recruit affiliates through the same channels you were a few years ago, you may be overlooking significant growth prospects. At AIM, our award-winning affiliate marketing teams employ a forward-thinking strategy to recruit, onboard, and activate a wide range of high-value partners. This includes but is not limited to content partners, bloggers, influencers, media publications, shopping aggregators, tech developers, brand-to-brand (B2B referrals) partnerships, and innovative AI publishers. By embracing this diverse approach, we ensure strategic and accelerated program growth.

Expert Knowledge

Within each level of the conversion funnel, partners have specialized their ability to convert. Identify them and position them accordingly.

Diversifying your affiliates can drive various KPIs, from reaching new audiences and converting customers to increasing average order values and boosting shopping frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for an affiliate marketing agency with existing relationships I can quickly tap into. Do you have strong relationships with key publishers and affiliates that you can bring into the program right away?

Yes. For over a decade, we have been building a diverse and inclusive affiliate portfolio for our brands. Utilizing our extensive network, proven recruitment strategies, and advanced technology capabilities, we can effectively reach, engage, and convert both your partners and online buyers. We will leverage our database of existing partnerships and engaged influencers to rapidly scale your program while ensuring long-term success.

Do you use any technologies to help you identify partnerships, or do you just do it manually and with your own database?

Using our influencer and affiliate relationship management system, we leverage our existing connections to uncover exclusive opportunities tailored to your needs. Our advanced technologies quickly identify suitable partners, including social influencers aligning with your brand and high-performing affiliates. We also analyze competitors’ affiliates, discover key content partners, and address any gaps hindering your revenue potential. With our reputable standing and innovative approach, we access partnerships not known to others in the industry.

I am looking to get more social influencers and content partners into the program. I’m tired of most of my sales coming from coupon and loyalty sites. How can I get those types of partners into my program faster?

Coupon and loyalty sites have traditionally dominated industry transactions, offering benefits like increased order values and conversion rates. However, overreliance on these platforms can limit program diversification. To reach broader audiences, we emphasize partnerships with content creators, review sites, shopping aggregators, and social influencers. This expands the scope of affiliate marketing beyond traditional channels, providing a win-win scenario.

While forming these partnerships requires time and effort, the authenticity and storytelling aspects contribute to their high value. Despite the complexity, these relationships drive new customers, increase order values, and offer a higher ROI compared to other channels. Influencers, with their dedicated and trusting audiences, play a crucial role in this strategy. To streamline onboarding, we provide assets, high-quality imagery, and ready-to-use content, supporting your brand’s objectives by facilitating the recruitment of valuable partners.

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