Diversified Recruitment


One of the keys to healthy affiliate program growth is affiliate, influencer and partner recruitment. Our unique approach to bringing in new high value partnerships uses a combination of our proven approach to outreach, onboarding and activation coupled with specific tools and tech while leveraging our existing strategic partnerships to create a best-in-class diversified recruitment portfolio.

This becomes an essential part of the engine that powers your sales and revenue growth for you and your brand!

If your current affiliate management design is still trying to recruit affiliates through the same channels you were a few years ago, you’re missing out on huge growth opportunities. At AIM, our award-winning affiliate marketing teams recruit, onboard, and activate a variety of high-value partners including, but not limited to, content partners, bloggers, influencers, media publications, shopping aggregators, and tech developers, brand-to-brand (or B2B referrals) partnerships and even innovative AI publishers for strategic and high-powered program growth.

Why AIM?

  • Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Award-winning performance marketing team acting in your best interest, as an extension to you, your brand, and your team, tied to your overall corporate objectives and channel KPIs
  • A large database of existing performance-based relationships to help drive growth more quickly
  • Cutting-edge tech and AI that create efficiency funnels for growth
  • Global reach and new market expansion opportunities abundant
  • Consistent double and tripling-digit YoY growth is our norm

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for an affiliate marketing company with existing relationships I can quickly tap into. Do you have strong relationships with key publishers and affiliates that you can bring into the program right away?

Yes, we have been recruiting a well-diversified affiliate portfolio for our brands for over nine years, with a focus on high value relationships for you, your brand and your team, tied to your overall goals, objectives, KPIs, brand voice, audience and team needs.

We will be using a combination of our existing relationships and connections, proven recruitment approach and our advanced technology capabilities to identify, outreach, onboard and activate the right partnerships with the right audiences to effectively help you reach, engage and convert your buyers online.

Do you use any technologies to help you identify partnerships, or do you just do it manually and with your own database?

We combine our existing relationships within a powerful influencer and affiliate relationships management system to help us identify new opportunities just for you.

We leverage several technologies to help us quickly identify and short list the most ideal partners, from social influencers with particular performance metrics and a matching “brand personality” to yours, to identifying your competitor’s affiliate partners, to finding key content partners who can reach, engage and convert new audiences, to identifying partner gaps that you might have, leaving revenue on the table that we can rectify.

Further, because of our reputation, existing relationships and the out-of-the-box approach to partnerships, we have access to partnerships others in our industry haven’t even heard of before.

I am looking to get more social influencers and content partners into the program. I’m tired of most of my sales coming from coupon and loyalty sites. How can I get those types of partners into my program faster?

Coupon and loyalty sites have driven the bulk of transactions within the industry for a long time, and there is a place for them with many types of advertisers. They contribute to increasing average order value, conversion rates, frequency of purchase, and extended lifetime value (retention), to name a few.

However, the challenge is when they take over the entire program and you can’t break out of this trend to diversify and reach beyond these two groups.

Increased exposure and placements with content partners, review sites, shopping aggregators, and social influencers (including YouTubers, Instagram Influencers, Facebook Groups, and Community Page owners, etc.) all have a place in affiliate marketing as well, and it’s becoming more mainstream for them to monetize their pages and social channels through affiliate marketing links to help increase their business value and recurring revenue. That makes it a win-win for all.

These types of partnerships take time though. They are high value, authentic, inspired, and often content and placements need to fit into a story, content calendar, and seasonality and are based on the influencer’s bandwidth, level of trust and ambassadorship with a brand, their ability to earn over the long term, how inspired they feel to write or post, etc. It’s much more emotional and complex than posting a coupon code that can be distributed with technology at scale.

Yet these are the high-value relationships that are worth the time, effort, patience, and collaboration with a brand, as these partnerships also drive new customers, increased AOVs, and brand or product exposure and can be a higher ROI than other paid channels. They also have incredible influence over their specific audiences who love and trust them.

By creating assets, content, high-quality imagery and lifestyle pieces, product giveaways, contests, exclusive offers, ready-to-go content and tools to help them quickly and easily leverage their affiliate marketing links, we can get them onboarded and active faster. These are all areas AIM will help lead, guide, and support you and your brands for targeted recruitment of social, content, and high value, brand-aligned, new partner recruitment.

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