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If an affiliate program isn’t set up properly, nurtured, or given the resources it needs to succeed, it can quickly lose momentum and become revenue neutral, stagnant or worse.

Our team of experts can evaluate of your entire affiliate program and provide detailed insights into your publisher and program opportunities, tied to your goals and objectives. This evaluation includes a full list of recommendations and strategic insights that will push your program back to profitability and growth.

In some cases, a poorly performing affiliate program can be reinvigorated with just a few small changes. Sometimes 80-90% of the opportunities are left unattended. In either case, you are likely leaving profits on the table while you maintain the status quo.

“Stop throwing your affiliate program at the wall to see what sticks – get informed, expert analysis and start growing your program.”
Affiliate Program Evaluation

At AIM, we have helped hundreds of brands from across the globe identify gaps and opportunities that rendered incremental revenue and profitability valued into the multiples of millions of dollars, just left on the table.

Our in-house team of experts include network and tracking platform setup, recruitment experts, platform expertise, data & analytics, and target / conversion specialists. If your affiliate program is not providing strong return on investment or performing the way you want it to right now, we can tell you why, and we can help you fix it.

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Why AIM?

Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018

Identify gaps directly impacting stagnant growth tied to your important KPIs and metrics

Trusted certified technology and affiliate network partners

World class influencer, content and affiliate relationships

Global and local reach opportunities

Advanced knowledge of attribution, crediting logic, API integration capabilities, AI, automation, network toolsets, management workflows and more.

Programs evaluated and designed for a best-foot-forward launch and growth plan tied to your brand KPIs, targets and corporate objectives

All Inclusive Marketing Awards
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does an affiliate program audit or gap evaluation take?

We often have a few program evaluations on the go at any one time, so usually it takes 7-14 days to complete a deep dive analysis of all areas of your affiliate program, in full detail, and with a full report including insights, recommendations and key action items.


What areas of my program do you evaluate?

We look at absolutely everything from your existing partner base to your performance metrics, content, creatives, network or technology setup, tools, strategy aligning company and departmental goals and objectives, compliance, growth strategy and more. When we finish our evaluations, our clients have a clear roadmap and tangible items to act on immediately to drive growth aligned to desired KPIs and targets.


Will you help identify new affiliates or partners we should be working with?

Yes, absolutely. Often times this is the most valuable takeaway of our evaluations: Identifying exactly who and which types of affiliate partners should be in your program for maximum reach, engagement with your buyers and conversion opportunities that drive sales and new customer acquisitions. Usually when we look under the hood of affiliate programs, we find that the majority of sales are still driven by coupon and loyalty partners, and it’s very one-dimensional. We help identify how to fix this and exactly which areas and partnerships to focus on for the type of growth and results you’re looking for.

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Testimonial & Case Study
Cabelas Affiliate Program Testimonial
Sarah Hohman
Digital Marketing Program Manager, Cabela’s

“We absolutely love working with AIM, as they are exceedingly professional, experienced, and detailed in their approach to affiliate program management. We look to them often for their expertise and guidance when needed, and highly recommend them in creating efficient affiliate marketing programs that scale.”

Affiliate Program Case Study
Affiliate Program Case Study
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