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If your affiliate program isn’t set up right or given the attention it needs, it can lose momentum and even become stagnant in terms of revenue.

Our experienced team can assess your affiliate program comprehensively, providing insights into potential opportunities aligned with your goals. We thoroughly examine your program, offering a detailed list of recommendations and strategic insights to restore profitability and drive growth.

Sometimes, even small adjustments can revive an underperforming affiliate program. There’s often untapped potential—around 80-90%—that you might be missing out on by sticking to the status quo.

At AIM, we have helped hundreds of global brands in uncovering untapped opportunities and addressing gaps that have resulted in millions of dollars in incremental revenue and profitability.

If your current affiliate program is not delivering the desired return on investment or performance, we possess the knowledge and expertise to identify the underlying issues and assist you in resolving them.

Expert Knowledge

Successful and valuable growth opportunities are out there, find out if your program is missing out on any today!

It’s easy to get stuck thinking performing the same tactics will have your program continue in the same fashion, but this can cause unexpected issues and stalled growth. Let us help you breathe new life into your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an affiliate program audit or gap evaluation take?

We often have several program evaluations in progress at any one time, so a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your affiliate program usually takes approximately 7-14 days. You can expect a detailed report with insights, recommendations, and key action items.

What areas of my program do you evaluate?

During our comprehensive evaluations, we leave no stone unturned. We meticulously examine all aspects such as partners, metrics, content, technology setup, compliance, and growth strategy. Our clients receive a clear roadmap with actionable recommendations to drive growth and achieve desired results. This empowers them to make immediate improvements and set their program on a path to success.

Will you help identify new affiliates or partners we should be working with?

Yes, absolutely. One of the key insights we provide through our evaluations is determining the optimal affiliate partners to maximize reach, engage your target audience, and generate conversions that drive sales and new customer acquisitions. Often, we discover that a significant portion of sales comes from coupon and loyalty partners, resulting in a one-dimensional approach.

Our expertise lies in identifying how to address this imbalance and precisely pinpointing the areas and partnerships that warrant attention to achieve the growth and results you desire. By diversifying your affiliate program and focusing on strategic partnerships, we can help you unlock new avenues for growth and drive more meaningful outcomes.

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