Influencer Integration


The prevalence of influencer marketing, its effect on brand awareness and messaging, combined with its reach opportunities through social channels and content sites, makes it a perfect marriage for affiliate marketing.

We have been reaching, engaging, and converting social influencers and content media sites within our programs for years. Our influencer partnerships allow us to significantly increase awareness and consumer engagement and activity while driving sales through your affiliate program.

If your team isn’t integrating influencers into your performance marketing, you’re leaving profits, and more importantly, market leadership opportunities, on the table. Let AIM show you how we elevate your brand and increase sales with influencer, social and content partner integration.

The influencer market for Instagram alone in 2019 is projected to be over $2B. Influencers’ demographic segments continue to increase.

By integrating influencers in your affiliate marketing program, you can receive more overall brand and traffic value than sales alone, and because it’s entirely performance-based, it can significantly reduce costs of paid placements, sponsorships, and high-cost, low ROI campaigns through other marketing departments. AIM has influencer partnerships across the globe and can choose the perfect influencer for your affiliate program today.

Why AIM?

  • Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Award-winning performance marketing team acting in your best interest, as an extension to you, your brand, and your team, tied to your overall corporate objectives and channel KPIs
  • A large database of existing performance-based relationships to help drive growth more quickly
  • Cutting-edge tech and AI that create efficiency funnels for growth
  • Global reach and new market expansion opportunities abundant
  • Consistent double and tripling-digit YoY growth is our norm

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have existing relationships with Influencers, or do you have to get them all from scratch?

We have a solid base of existing relationships with performance-based social influencers and content sites and can work with you to identify new ideal partners for your brand. One of the benefits of working with AIM is our Partner Development Program and our specialized Recruitment team who are constantly on the lookout for great partners just for you.

I’d like more influencers and content sites to drive sales. How long does it take for influencers to start driving sales?

Social influencers and content partners are considered top-of-funnel partners who often drive brand awareness, and new customer reach and get the buyers further down the “influenced” buying decision to the point of engagement with the product or brand and ultimately conversion.

Generally speaking, working with content and social influencers is a longer game because many variables impact their content creation and distribution, such as being inspired to write a post, working your product and placement into their themes or content calendar, seasonal relevance, the authenticity of voice, having a special offer or unique angle to offer their engaged audience, etc.

Working with social influencers and content partners takes time, attention, the right approach, and the right assets to get them engaged. Once they do, however, the value of what they provide in the form of brand exposure, product engagement, traffic to your website, and conversion is there.

How do you find the right influencers to join our program specific to my brand?

We have spent years recruiting influencers and content partners, building relationships with them, and engaging with them regularly. Because of this, we have a robust partner database of key partners we can reach out to when you join AIM.

Additionally, we have strategic partnerships and access to technology no one else has even heard of before, which allows us to use AI and advanced API integrations to reach, engage and convert very specific social influencers with the right brand voice, message, positioning, and engagement with their audiences that you need specifically for your brand.

Have More Questions?

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