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The synergy between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing is undeniable, given its impact on brand awareness and the expansive reach offered by social channels and content sites.

If your team hasn’t tapped into influencer integration for performance marketing, you’re missing out on potential profits and market leadership. AIM can show you how seamless integration with influencers, social platforms, and content partners can enhance your brand and increase sales. For years, our influencer partnerships have been a success, reaching, engaging, and converting influencers and content sites in our programs.

Integrating influencers into your affiliate marketing program provides valuable brand exposure and increased traffic, surpassing the benefits of sales alone. Moreover, influencer marketing is entirely performance-based, meaning it offers cost savings compared to other marketing methods like paid placements and sponsorships.

AIM boasts a vast network of influencer partnerships worldwide, allowing us to select the ideal influencer for your affiliate program. With our expertise, we can connect you with the perfect influencers who align with your brand and drive impactful results.

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Boost Your Affiliate Program Success: Follow these 6 steps to find the perfect influencers who will drive results and maximize your brand’s ROI.

Read on to learn how we define influencer marketing and what it means in the B2B context.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have existing relationships with Influencers, or do you have to get them all from scratch?

Yes. For over a decade, we have been building a diverse and inclusive affiliate portfolio for our brands. We have a solid base of existing relationships with performance-based social influencers and content sites and can work with you to identify new ideal partners for your brand.

I’d like more influencers and content sites to drive sales. How long does it take for influencers to start driving sales?

Social influencers and content partners are key at the top of the marketing funnel, driving brand awareness and reaching new customers. Their role is vital in guiding potential buyers through the decision-making process, leading to engagement and conversions.

Collaborating with these influencers and partners requires a longer-term perspective, considering factors like their motivation, product alignment, seasonal relevance, maintaining authenticity, and offering special promotions. While engaging with them demands time and attention, once involved, they bring significant value in terms of brand exposure, product engagement, increased website traffic, and conversions.

How do you find the right influencers to join our program specific to my brand?

We have spent years recruiting influencers and content partners, building relationships with them, and engaging with them regularly. Because of this, we have a robust partner database of key partners we can reach out to when you join AIM.

Additionally, we have strategic partnerships and access to cutting-edge technology, unfamiliar to others, which enables us to leverage AI and advanced API integrations. This empowers us to precisely reach, engage, and convert targeted social influencers who align with your brand voice, message, positioning, and audience engagement, tailoring the approach specifically for your brand.

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