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Migrating your affiliate program can be challenging and, if not done effectively, may impact revenues and success. Poor planning can harm relationships with partners and the affiliate community, hindering future engagement. This, in turn, affects growth potential and buyer relationships.

Choosing and leveraging the right technology is crucial for program success, influencing revenue, profitability, efficiency, market expansion, partnership diversification, and more. Informed decisions and appropriate technology investments drive sustainable growth, helping achieve program objectives.

With AIM’s expertise in affiliate and partnership marketing, we offer comprehensive technology selection, setup, and migration services. We understand the importance of aligning your technology and data needs with your overall goals and objectives to achieve the desired results.

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your existing technologies and program requirements. We take into account factors such as your product, brand, target audience, desired affiliate partners, technical capabilities, attribution, reporting needs, API and integration requirements, budget, and more. Based on this analysis, we will provide strategy and support throughout the planning and execution phases of your affiliate network or tracking platform migration.

By leveraging our certifications and strong relationships with major affiliate networks and partner tracking platforms like Impact, CJ, Awin, ShareASale, and PartnerStack, we ensure that you choose the best technology solution for your unique needs. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless migration, minimizing risk while maximizing short- and long-term performance capabilities for your affiliate program.

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The affiliate program’s cornerstone is the network. It tracks sales, ensures timely partner payments, and holds more importance than you might realize. Let us help you find the right network for your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I should migrate off my current affiliate network or partner tracking platform?

Brands sometimes consider switching networks or platforms for growth or performance improvement. However, existing technology often has untapped potential.

To ensure successful migration projects or technology launches, we dedicate time to understanding the goals, objectives, and reasons for the desired move. We meticulously assess the current affiliate network or tracking platform setup and capabilities to identify any existing gaps and potential opportunities.

If migration is the best choice, we create a detailed plan for setup and launch, providing continuous support and leveraging our preferred status to secure favorable pricing.

Can I get better pricing if I go through you versus trying to do this myself?

Yes. As a certified or preferred agency partner of numerous global and local networks, we often receive preferred agency pricing which we can pass on to you. Our unbiased relationships with these networks allow us to guide you in making the best decision for your brand, ensuring that you benefit from the best setup and pricing options available.

How long does it take to do a program migration or setup?

The process of transitioning to a new affiliate network or partner tracking platform usually takes approximately 3-4 weeks. However, if you’re considering a comprehensive program migration to a new technology with a full team of affiliate partners, a more realistic timeline is around 2-3 months for a seamless execution. It’s crucial to invest time in designing an effective technology setup, growth strategy, and launch plan that aligns with corporate objectives, brand identity, and operational efficiency. Ensuring that the affiliate network or partner tracking platform is configured to support the plan, providing resources for partners, and optimizing efficiency are key components of a successful launch.

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