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Migrating your affiliate program can be a real challenge, and if executed poorly, can put your program (and its revenues) at high risk. But that’s just the start; poor planning can also affect your partnerships and relationships with publishers, the affiliate community, and your brand, which can decrease your program’s ability to convert and engage top performers in the future, impacting your relationships with your buyers and stalling your growth capabilities into the future.

Selecting and building upon the right technology is crucial to affiliate program success and long-term growth. This growth comes in the form of revenue, profitability, efficiencies, expansion into new markets, partnership types, and more.

“Migrating to the top platform technologies can increase your affiliate productivity and growth exponentially.”
Affiliate Program Migration

With AIM’s affiliate program technology selection and migration services, we will guide you through a complete evaluation of your existing technology needs aligned to your overall goals, objectives and desired results. We will then support the planning & execution phase of your affiliate program technology optimization plan or technology migration strategy for a seamless program migration, allowing you to minimize risk while maximizing both short and long-term performance capabilities.

With our years of expertise in affiliate and performance marketing coupled with our technology certifications and existing relationships with all major affiliate networks and tracking platforms, such as Impact, Partnerize, Commission Junction, Rakuten Linkshare, ShareASale and Avantlink to name a few, we will ensure you choose and are set up on the best technology for your product, brand, desired partners, target audience, technical capabilities, attribution and reporting requirements, API and integration needs, budget and more.

AIM’s relationship with global technology partners ensures that your program migration will be handled by industry experts throughout the entire process. We’ll support you with setting up, launching and starting with the right technology for your needs, budget and future growth, and execute the migration while implementing advanced technical integration and tracking so your program will be set for incremental growth and profitability.

Why AIM?

Performance Marketing Global Excellence Award Winners, 2018

Award winning performance marketing team acting in your best interest, as an extension to you, your brand, and your team, tied to your overall corporate objectives and program KPIs

Technology and network certified, with existing relationships with all major affiliate networks and tracking platforms

Experience migrating dozens of programs with our seamless, pain free approach, reducing risk and maximizing both sort and long-term results

Advanced knowledge of attribution, crediting logic, API integration capabilities, AI, automation, network toolsets, management workflows and more.

Expertise that supports local and global expansion, engagement and performance

Our ``brand and partner`` first approach means both you and your partners are taken care of throughout this entire process, feeling supported and aligned for a painless and efficient migration and program launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if I should migrate off my current technology or stay on it?

Sometimes brands feel they need to move networks or platforms to drive incremental growth or better program performance. In some cases this is true.  In others, the technology currently being leveraged has room to grow and achieve the desired results, with only a small percentage of what the technology is actually capable of being utilized.

This is why we kickstart migration projects or technology launches with spending time to fully understand the goals, objectives, reasons behind the desired move, and evaluate the current technology set up and capabilities to identifying any potential gaps and opportunities.

If in this evaluation process we find that a migration is in fact the best option, then we will design a migration, setup, launch and ramp up plan on the best technology for you.  We will hold your hand and stay with you throughout the entire process, and because of our preferred agency status with the majority of global networks and tracking platforms, we are able to pass on our preferred agency pricing as well.


Can I get better pricing if I go through you versus trying to do this myself?

Yes. Often times we get preferred agency pricing as a certified or preferred agency partner of many of the global and local networks. We have established yet unbiased relationships with them all, so we can help make the most optimal decision for you and your brand, and ensure you’re getting the best possible set up and pricing options available to you.


How long does it take to do a program migration or set up?

When you are preparing to launch on a new network or tracking platform, it takes time to design the best technology set up, growth strategy and launch plan, tied to your corporate objectives, brand voice, partnership requirements, insight needs, operationally efficiencies, and more.

You then want to ensure that the tech and assets are set up to support your plan. This is important because you need to balance ensuring your partners have everything they need to be successful right out the gate, without them feeling any burden of a move or onboarding experience, while ensuring your tracking is accurate, optimized and integrated into your overall marketing mix.

Further you want to ensure its efficient, designed in a way that maximizes margins and each individual partnership, KPI, transaction, etc.

All in all, a new program design, set up and launch takes 3-4 weeks on average, while a full program migration from one technology to another with a full team of affiliate partners usually takes between 2-3 months if done seamlessly and in the most cared for, systematic manner.

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What Our Partners Say
Affiliate Network Partner Impact
Carina Powers
Manager Strategic Relationships, Impact

“We love partnering with All Inclusive Marketing and feel confident that our customers are in great hands with AIM’s services. The AIM team is always proactive and stays on top of our quickly evolving technology to ensure top quality management. AIM exudes a commitment to excellence, and customers benefit from the customization and innovation we both share.”

Affiliate Network Partner Partnerize
Charles Calabrese
Vice President of Operations, Partnerize

“AIM is an organization making big waves in the digital marketing world. They have some of the industries most intelligent leaders all under a single roof. From their expertise in Performance Marketing to their customer specific digital strategy there are few companies with such experienced teams. In my experience, their dedication to their clients is unparalleled.”

Affiliate Network Partner Awin
Mark Walters
Managing Director, Awin

“Finding partners that mirror our own ethos of always putting the client first; supporting through strategic and hands on management with a friendly yet professional outlook isn’t easy but at All Inclusive Marketing we found all three. We’re proud to be partnering with AIM as we expand our presence in North America and see the combined effort being of significant value to current and future clients.”

We will act as an extension to your team, and have your best interest at heart.
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