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Monitoring for compliance is integral for any successful affiliate program. That’s because ensuring compliance helps to protect your brand from a publisher who knowingly or unknowingly breaks policy or program rules. It also protects you against affiliate behaviors that can lead to hefty privacy or government regulation fines, financial risk or even brand misrepresentation.

Leveraging the newest tools and technology, AIM can implement a monitoring and management solution for your performance marketing campaigns that will ensure compliance, protect your brand, and keep your affiliate program performing. We have a very hands-on approach to enhance compliance tools to provide a comprehensive protection strategy.

“Affiliate Compliance Monitoring provides peace of mind; it protects your program and your brand.”
Affiliate Compliance Monitoring

Affiliate marketing has changed significantly over the past 15 years. With new compliance and monitoring tools, publishers are forced to follow policy and therefore find a creative, legitimate way to advertise. Ongoing compliance monitoring ensures that your publishers are using techniques that elevate your brand, and increase sales and awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Social Influencers are increasing their impact in the performance marketing space, how are you able to manage their compliance?

We use the most advanced technology tools to monitor social activities of our influencers. The insights we can leverage using our technology along with the relationships we build with every social influencer in our programs provides us the ability to quickly identify if they are compliant and act.


From your experience what area of compliance is currently most concerning?

Affiliate fraud is an area of great concern. Affiliates are always continuing to evolve and find new ways to commit fraud. To combat this rampant growth we leverage a mixture of our technology, experience, and relationships we’ve built among a variety of networks to identify anomalies quickly. We have seen success in reducing the occurrence of fraud throughout our clients’ programs by leveraging our dedicated compliance team expertise.


Coupon sites and the use of coupon codes has been an issue for a long time. What can you offer to mitigate the common pitfalls?

The proliferation of coupon codes is an area that can be very difficult to monitor. However, our compliance systems proactively prevent codes from being misused and paid out to publishers when abused. Our team is able to mitigate risk and prevent bad behavior from entering or staying within our programs. By leveraging a variety of blacklisting technologies as well as our streamlined systems we can monitor individual publishers who disseminate codes in an affiliate program quickly. Efficiently identifying coupon codes and having a strategic methodology to remove or reduce coupon code abuse or expired discount codes provides us the ability to reduce leakage costs and immediately improve our clients’ ROI.

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Affiliate Network Partner Awin
Mark Walters
Managing Director, Awin

“Finding partners that mirror our own ethos of always putting the client first; supporting through strategic and hands on management with a friendly yet professional outlook isn’t easy but at All Inclusive Marketing we found all three. We’re proud to be partnering with AIM as we expand our presence in North America and see the combined effort being of significant value to current and future clients.”

Affiliate Network Partner Impact
Carina Powers
Manager Strategic Relationships, Impact

“We love partnering with All Inclusive Marketing and feel confident that our customers are in great hands with AIM’s services. The AIM team is always proactive and stays on top of our quickly evolving technology to ensure top quality management. AIM exudes a commitment to excellence, and customers benefit from the customization and innovation we both share.”

Affiliate Network Partner Partnerize
Charles Calabrese
Vice President of Operations, Partnerize

“AIM is an organization making big waves in the digital marketing world. They have some of the industries most intelligent leaders all under a single roof. From their expertise in Performance Marketing to their customer specific digital strategy there are few companies with such experienced teams. In my experience, their dedication to their clients is unparalleled.”

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