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Effective monitoring and compliance are crucial for a successful affiliate program. They protect your brand from partners violating policies, minimizing risks of fines or misrepresentation. At AIM, we use modern tools to ensure compliance, safeguard your brand’s reputation, and optimize your affiliate program’s performance. Our proactive approach enhances compliance tools for comprehensive protection. Ongoing monitoring ensures publishers align with your brand values, driving sales and brand awareness.

We specialize in data privacy and compliance regulations, including GDPR, PPI, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and the European Commission Act. Our experts understand the complexities of affiliate marketing and its intersection with data privacy laws. We help clients develop tailored affiliate programs prioritizing data protection and consumer trust. Partnering with AIM allows you to navigate regulatory changes while maximizing your affiliate marketing potential with confidence.

Expert Knowledge

Ensure transparency in your Canadian influencer campaigns and build trust with your audience by staying compliant with Canada’s disclosure regulations.

It’s always an opportune time to be reminded of the importance of brand protection and compliance.

How affiliate marketers can go beyond disclosure requirements to build trust with their audience through transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Influencers are increasing their impact in the performance marketing space, how are you able to manage their compliance?

Providing the influencers with approved hashtags and messaging for them to begin crafting their content. We can also pre-approve their content before going live. Ensuring all FTC guidelines are being met and that brand safety is top of mind.

As the influencer component scales up, it becomes more challenging, and that’s where tools come in handy to assist in monitoring influencer content.

From your experience what area of compliance is currently most concerning?

Combatting affiliate fraud is of utmost importance, as affiliates can adapt and devise new fraudulent tactics. To address this common issue, we utilize a combination of our proprietary technology, extensive experience, and strong industry relationships across various networks. This strategic approach enables us to quickly detect anomalies and suspicious activities. By leveraging the expertise of our compliance team, we have achieved significant success in reducing fraud occurrences in our clients’ affiliate programs, ensuring program profitability.

Coupon sites and the use of coupon codes have been an issue for a long time. What can you offer to mitigate the common pitfalls?

Monitoring the spread of coupon codes can be tricky, but our compliance systems actively prevent misuse or payouts to publishers when abused. Our team is skilled in risk mitigation, and stopping undesirable behavior in our programs. Using blacklisting technologies and streamlined systems, we swiftly monitor individual publishers distributing codes. Identifying and strategically handling coupon code abuse or expired discounts helps cut costs and promptly boost our clients’ ROI.

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