Welcome, AIMers!

We are so excited to finally put together an official AIM Retreat. It’s been a long time and with so many new team members throughout the years, it feels right for us to get together.

We have two (2) full days filled with collaboration, presentations, team building, and more! Take a look below at our retreat agenda for a look at what’s in store. Below that, you will find some FAQs that should help you with any miscellaneous questions you might have. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, just let Chrissy know. Now, who’s ready for some AIM fun!?

Tuesday, April 18th

8:00 am – Breakfast
8:45 am – Ice Breaker (Birthday)
9:00 am – CEO Workshop
11:00 am – Break
11:15 am – Problem Solving Workshop (We take a problem AIM has – break out into a groups and tackle ways to solve them; ask Jason, Mesa, Jen – what are 3 big problems we have as an agency or a team.)
12:30 pm – Lunch and Learn (Scarlett to talk about sales initiatives, Ashley to present marketing initiatives)
1:30 pm – Prep for outdoor
2:00 pm – Shuttle to Lynn Valley
2:45 pm – Arrive at Lynn Valley
4:30 pm – Depart Lynn Valley
5:30 pm – Arrive at Holiday Inn
6:30 pm – Meet in lobby to walk to dinner
7:00 pm – Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar (Gas Town)
9:00 pm – Ghost Tour / Own Time

Wednesday, April 19th

8:00 am – Breakfast
8:45 am – Ice Breaker (TBA) Communication icebreaker
9:00 am – Communication and Conflict Resolution Session with Wilson
11:15 am – Break
11:30 am – Mark’s Workshop (Mark presenting system automation, advancements, whats in the funnel to come This is about creating efficiencies within the team.).
12:30 pm – Lunch & Learn (Iain to speak to the strategy as to why we are investing in these things; speak to growth trajectory of AIM, Jodi to brainstorm with Iain to come up with a way for the team to engage with Iain outside of finance)
AIM Awards – CEO/CFO to give these out.
1:30 pm – AIM Awards
2:00 pm – Prep for outdoor adventure
2:30 pm – Meet in Lobby to walk to Stanley Park (Spokes Bicycle)
3:00 pm – Ride through Stanley Park
5:00 pm – Return bikes and walk back to Holiday Inn
6:20 pm – Meet in lobby to walk to dinner
6:30 pm – Tour Plus Company office
7:15 pm – Dinner at Steamworks in Vancouver

Thursday, April 20th

That’s a wrap! Most of the team will be departing today, while others have other personal plans. 

Remember, check-out is at 11:00 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the after-dinner activities mandatory?

Not at all! You are more than welcome to participate in the night plans but are not obligated to. If you choose to not participate, the time is yours to do as you wish. 

Will we need to worry about Uber service during our trip?

AIM has either secured a shuttle for a planned activity or we will be within walking distance of our destination. 

To head back to the airport, just take the same Canada Line as you did when you arrived.

TBD Questions

TBD Answer