Reach. Grow. Innovate. CJU Does it Again

This month, we attended CJ Affiliate’s  annual  CJU  conference in the beautiful Santa Barbara, California. CJU is one of the highlights on our calendar and this year’s conference proved once again why we love the event so much.


We asked CJ’s Strategic Insights Director, Sandrine Thompson, to share her reflections on CJU18 and the future of Affiliate Marketing.


In your opinion, what makes CJU such a successful event?

“The positive energy and enthusiasm that our clients bring to the event is an important element to CJU’s success. We do everything we can to foster that by creating venues and events that allow them to meet their networking and conference goals, while also having some fun. Plus, the beauty of Santa Barbara always adds that “something special” to CJU that makes it memorable.”


What was your key highlight of CJU18?

“Our keynote this year was Dan Heath and his message about the “power of moments,” and how we can each make powerful moments in our business and personal lives, has really stayed with me. I’m so glad our attendees experienced this – it’s going down in my book as one of the best CJU keynotes ever!”


What are you most excited about for the future of Affiliate Marketing?

“I’m excited to watch as affiliate continues to evolve itself to meet the changing needs of marketers. It’s a strength of affiliate marketers, has been since its inception, and it’s one reason why I feel like affiliate marketing is where every brand should be investing today.”


With a key focus on global growth, consumer insights and working with influencers, the sessions and overall experience were exceptionally well organized with loads to learn. This, together with the high quality of brands, publishers and partners in attendance, CJU18 managed to provide an abundance of meaningful opportunities to truly reach, grow and innovate.


Thank you CJU! We look forward to attending next year’s event and seeing what new opportunities and developments the future holds.

AIM Team

AIM Team