Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Solutions

AIM provides world-class services and expertise on all things affiliate marketing. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes best-in-class affiliate program management, strategic guidance, and tailored consultation services, all designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Key Services


Full-Service Program Management

Our team of experts will help you build a best-in-class affiliate and partner marketing program designed to scale profitably for your brand.


Analytics & Attribution

Advanced analytics, attribution, data insights and crediting logic will help you drive improved performance across your partnership base and for your affiliate and partnership marketing program as a whole.


Program Migration

Migrating your affiliate partnership program to the right platform that includes the attribution, analytics and tracking technologies you need can increase your affiliate productivity and growth exponentially.


Setup & Launch

Setting up for success requires the right technology, strategy, assets, team design, partner selection, alignment with your brand, and an understanding of your audience reach, engagement and conversion opportunities.


Growth Strategies

Award-winning growth strategies aligned to your brand and specific KPIs, taking all elements of a best-in-class affiliate and partner programs designed just for you.


Diversified Recruitment

Let our team of experts help you build a diversified affiliate partnership portfolio that powers your brand and product exposure, new customer acquisitions and profitable revenue growth.


Compliance & Monitoring

Affiliate Compliance Monitoring provides peace of mind, and protects your program, your brand, and your bottom line.


B2B & Lead Generation

In addition to our B2C expertise, AIM has an award-winning team of B2B, SaaS and Lead Generation experts to help grow your business based on specific partnership goals and objectives, that can include traditional affiliate, referral and even reseller partnership opportunities.


Influencer and Content Integration

Combining influencer, social and brand partnerships will create synergies, efficiencies, and incremental full-funnel opportunities for growth.

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We appreciate your interest and for taking the time to reach out. For more details on how AIM can help grow your affiliate and partnership efforts, please fill out the form to your right. Once submitted, one of our team members will be in contact to assist you.

Finding real leaders is rare. The leadership at AIM has a way of understanding opportunities quickly, and a unique ability to guide their clients to fulfilling their true potential as they work to capitalize upon those opportunities. The team captains that I have worked with at AIM are sharp, inspiring, and results focused. Day after day, year after year they deliver the results that take client performance upward.

testimonial - Expert in B2B and B2C Performance Marketing
Neil Kaplan
Expert in B2B and B2C Performance Marketing

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