amy myers md spotlight - aim interview

AIM Brand Spotlight – Amy Myers MD

Amy Myers MD® is a mission-based, omni-channel health & wellness brand. Founded by Dr. Amy Myers, this company has become a world-renowned resource for people seeking a functional medicine approach to wellness and to get to the root of their health issues and take back their health.

Through high-quality, physician-formulated nutritional supplements, clean beauty products, step-by-step programs, thoroughly-researched information, and world-class customer care, Amy Myers MD® serves the health needs of hundreds of thousands of people in over 130 countries around the globe.

We’re delighted to have partnered with Amy Myers MD® and look forward to helping them grow and scale their program! Please read on to learn more about this amazing brand, our partnership, and the Amy Myers MD Partner Program.

Q: How long has Amy Myers MD been in business and what has that journey been like?

A: In just 5 short years, Amy Myers MD® has grown from a free resource offering organic content to help guide people on their wellness journey into an over $30M wellness brand whose influence is felt by millions of people internationally. 

Shortly after opening her clinic, Austin UltraHealth, Dr. Myers bootstrapped a free blog and podcast. Both of these served as a destination for patients seeking to learn more about their conditions, find solutions, and, eventually, shop from a handful of white-labeled supplements. 

Along the way, she published her first New York Times bestselling book, which put her name on the map. When her supplement manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the growing demand she decided to start formulating her own.

As her supplement line continued to grow, her daughter Elle was born. She made the difficult decision to retire from her clinic practice to focus on her already successful e-commerce brand and her family. 

She knew that she could either continue helping 4-5 new patients a week in her clinic or serve hundreds of thousands of people across the globe with a wellness brand of her own. 

Since then, Amy Myers MD® has fulfilled over 700,000 orders, earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing American companies for 3 years running. This recognition comes after 2 NYT bestselling books, a product line of more than 70 physician-formulated supplements and programs, a clean beauty line, and YoY growth of at least 30%, with two years exceeding 50%. Last year, Amy Myers MD® launched 11 new products and saw nearly $33M in annual revenue, a 38% growth over 2020

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the company has grown to a staff of 48 employees who are all equally dedicated to supporting our customers on their journey to optimal health. Additionally, Amy Myers MD® bought and renovated a 20,000-square-foot state-of-the-art headquarters in Austin, Texas which features a warehouse/fulfillment center to support our exponential growth.

Q: What’s an interesting fact about Amy Myers MD that most people don’t know?

A: The company started as a functional medicine clinic in Austin, Texas.

Q: What inspired you to reach out to AIM for full program management?

A: We knew there were more opportunities to partner with affiliates and influencers but didn’t have the staff or the contacts to grow the program like we wanted to. We’re looking for new customers in a younger demographic and wanted to be able to increase our reach overall across as many new channels as possible. AIM brought a range of capabilities to the table and has worked with us on creative placements that put our products in front of the best-fit partners. They also did a really efficient job of getting Impact set up for us as we were switching affiliate management platforms at the same time.

Q: Why is affiliate marketing important to your brand’s growth?

A: Affiliate marketing is important because we’re looking for reach we don’t already have. Affiliates have built-in audiences that trust them and it allows us to introduce our brand to new people and expand our mission of empowering the world to achieve optimal health.

Q: What are some potential benefits you see with your affiliate program?

A: New customer acquisition and expansion into new markets. We are all about reaching as many people as possible to help empower them to take back their health and affiliate marketing helps us to do that.

amy myers md spotlight - aim interview

Visit Amy Myers MD® at to learn how your can take your health back for good, and check out their affiliate program on the AIM website for more details.

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