The story of ScanMyPhotos, a company dedicated to preserving pre-digital memories. From a small photo center in 1990 to a global lifeline for cherished moments.

Preserving Memories with ScanMyPhotos

In a world dominated by smartphones, it’s easy to forget the wealth of memories we’ve preserved in the form of printed photos, slides, and negatives from the pre-digital era. Enter ScanMyPhotos, a company that has not only embraced the digital age but has also made it their mission to ensure the safety and preservation of these cherished memories. What began as a small retail photo center in Irvine, California in 1990, has transformed into a global company, offering a lifeline to countless memories from the past.

Humble Beginnings

ScanMyPhotos, originally known as “30 Minute Photos Etc.,” was founded by Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman in the picturesque city of Irvine, California. In its early days, the company provided a vital service to local customers — fast and affordable photo processing. It was a time when film cameras were the norm, and getting your photos developed quickly was a necessity. Goldstone and Berman seized this opportunity to serve their community and establish a strong foothold in the photo-processing business.

Embracing the Digital Age

As the technology landscape evolved into the digital age, the duo recognized that photography was changing, and with it, the methods for memory preservation. With a vision of becoming the trusted guardians of treasured family photo history, they made a bold move—transitioning from being a photo processing center to a cutting-edge scanning service.

Their decision to go digital was pivotal. ScanMyPhotos went online to reach a global audience, embracing the power of the internet to connect with people worldwide who sought to digitize their precious memories. The company’s commitment to quality and efficiency ensured that their clients received not just digitized photos, but also expertly restored and organized digital archives of their family’s history.

A Niche Industry Leader

ScanMyPhotos is part of a niche industry that has painstakingly preserved over a billion images, each a testament to a moment in time. From aging slides that have not seen the light of day in decades to undeveloped negatives and printed pictures that had been all but forgotten, ScanMyPhotos has breathed new life into these treasures. The company’s dedication to the preservation of these memories goes beyond mere digitization; it’s about ensuring that these glimpses of the past remain intact for future generations to cherish.

Help Others Preserve Memories

As the digital age continues to evolve, you too can help others preserve the past, helping to bring joy and connection to the present and future. Simply apply to the ScanMyPhotos Affiliate Program and become a trusted partner. Once approved, you can share the importance of what ScanMyPhotos services can offer, assisting your audience with something so personal.

After all, what ScanMyPhotos offers serves as a reminder that the past should not be forgotten.

The story of ScanMyPhotos, a company dedicated to preserving pre-digital memories. From a small photo center in 1990 to a global lifeline for cherished moments.
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