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Here, at AIM, we take our D.I.G.G. philosophy (Delight, Innovate, Grow, and Giveback) very seriously and look to find ways to incorporate it into everything we do. That means in every program we manage, every client we talk to, and every partner we work with — AIM works hard to bring D.I.G.G. to the forefront of affiliate marketing.

One specific value that brings all of us AIMers together is Giveback. From the top of our leadership team to the newest member of the AIM family, we believe that one must do what they can with what they have for those less fortunate. And, this May, we’re extremely excited to do something special with a few organizations that are already doing great things.

During the month of May, the AIM team will be participating in a virtual race, moving our bodies for 18KM to raise money to help children in need. Picking one charity in Canada and one in the States, we’ve chosen to partner with Canadian Feed the Children (Canada) and the Children’s Health Fund (US). However, in light of recent world events, we wanted to try to reach out further and have also partnered with International Medical Corps in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. 

The team is already working hard, training every week, and has logged over 131 km (81 mi) in anticipation of our virtual race!

18KM AIM Charity

Please cheer on our team as we complete this amazing goal, and please show your support by sharing and giving, if possible. 


All donations are tax-deductible.

Ashley brings over 20 years of customer service experience, with 10+ years of social media and content marketing experience to the table. Genuine care and understanding of the client/consumer have shown to be a great asset for building brand and affiliate partnerships.

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