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Sarah Bundy Tells Her Story of Determination and Growth in The Prevail Project

The Prevail Project showcases inspirational stories of successful female leaders and visionaries in a real and honest interview series. We love this initiative and are truly honored and proud of our CEO, Sarah Bundy, who was recently featured alongside an incredible list of Prevailers.

If you want to learn the story of how AIM was started and Sarah’s journey to become one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs, watch the video below and read her full interview.



A few of Sarah’s Top Business Tips
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Photo Credit: The Prevail Project

Define your “why”
Knowing what you’re doing is key, but understanding and defining why you’re doing it will drive your conviction, energy and focus for years, and especially through the toughest times.

Use your compass
Learned by industry through leader Robert Murray (and one of my personal friends and mentors), your business compass points the direction where you will excel in the market, especially compared to your competition. The four directions you could go are: Customer Service, Efficiency, Quality and Innovation. Pick one that you will be exceptional at, and then stay on coarse.

Define and commit to your core values
Helps in every decision, from who to hire to which clients to bring on, to how you position yourself in the market to the solution, product or service you provide.

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Sarah Bundy All Inclusive Marketing
Photo Credit: The Prevail Project


Be sure to check out their website for the full interview and other inspiring stories of exceptional women’s journey to success!


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