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Mirella Crespi

Exclusive Interview With Mirella Crespi

The performance marketing industry is ever-changing and one of the most exciting things about change is the new and diverse opportunities it creates. During the 2017 Affiliate World Asia Conference, we had the privilege to attend the first SheCommerce Event created by Women in AdTech in partnership with Shopify.

For this month’s exclusive interview we have the pleasure of talking to Mirella Crespi, Founder of Women in AdTech and SheCommerce. Mirella spotted an opportunity to greatly advance the industry and make a positive difference by helping female ecommerce leaders and entrepreneurs driving business growth.


Tell us about the SheCommerce show and the Women in AdTech community and why you decided to start these?

Women in AdTech was born first. At age of 21, I started media buying and discovered the world of performance marketing. In this industry knowledge sharing and networking is a huge part of being successful, so attending conferences was the best way to learn and grow. Navigating conferences on my own wasn’t easy. At that time, I had very few successful affiliate women to look up to. It can be extra challenging for a young girl to make it in an undeniably male-dominated space.

My goal when hosting the first Women in AdTech events was to bring together the women who are trying to start and those who have built their businesses from the ground up.

The entrepreneur’s path to success is a very isolating experience. Real connections can make this journey less lonely. We need the encouragement and support of other women like ourselves because it will give us the inspiration and courage we need to succeed. The world needs more extraordinary women doing what they love, and that’s what we want to help make happen with SheCommerce.



Where do you see the greatest opportunities and gaps in the market for women in tech / ecommerce?

Women drive about 80% of all consumer purchases through a combination of their buying power and influence. Women are the rocket fuel of e-commerce, yet most high-level execs at brands and creative directors in the big agency world are men. So there is a bit of a disconnect and a gap there.

I truly believe it’s a uniquely female back-and-forth that fuels creative fires and moves businesses forward. Women bring to the table something special and much needed. We hope that by attending SheCommerce, women will have the tools and feel empowered to earn more seats at the table.



Having attended SheCommerce in the past, tell us why you have partnered with Affiliate World Conferences and Shopify to drive this initiative?

Shopify has been a great partner since the inception of the event. SheCommerce came to life after they reached out and said they wanted to create something together with Women in AdTech during AWA. We came up with the idea to have a workshop dedicated to teaching how to start and scale an e-commerce store. It was a huge success!

Affiliate World has been an amazing support system as well. They transformed from a well-organized affiliate meet-up to a world-class marketing event in just 3 years. Their production and content are unparalleled, and that’s what we hope to offer at all SheCommerce events as well – an amazing experience and valuable actionable content.



Who should be attending SheCommerce next month in Barcelona?

SheCommerce is a full day extravaganza curated to teach you next-level, marketing tactics you can utilize the very next day.

Whether you’re thinking of launching a side hustle, are an established entrepreneur, or you simply want to be inspired and motivated by some of the brightest and most awe-inspiring women in business, shaping a life they love, this event is for you!


Next Event Date: July 17, 2018
Location: Barcelona
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