Discover Unbounce's revamped Ambassador Program with boosted commissions. Elevate your affiliate game with enhanced rewards. Learn more!

Unbounce Program Relaunch

When it comes to effective partnerships in B2B affiliate marketing, Unbounce and All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) are a prime example of how adaptation fuels growth.

The Unbounce Ambassador Program has scaled tremendously since its initial launch, expanding its network of partners and generating tens of thousands of valuable referrals. This rapid expansion over a relatively short period has highlighted the need for an upgrade. It’s essential to ensure the program continues to meet the evolving needs of its partners and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.
For years, AIM and Unbounce have partnered to develop the best possible affiliate program that brings immense benefits to both their customers and publishers.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the relaunch of the Unbounce Ambassador Program — a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence by AIM and Unbounce.

Whether you’re an experienced affiliate partner or just starting, this relaunch presents an excellent opportunity to boost earnings while partnering with a renowned brand in the B2B space. With a dedicated management team, exciting new opportunities, and higher commission structures, let’s dive into what this looks like for Unbounce Partners.

Higher Commission

Unbounce is taking a bold step forward by exceeding the previous flat 20% commission rate. This exciting change is designed to reward their partners even more generously and keep Unbounce as one of the key players in the B2B affiliate world. Here’s a breakdown of the new tiered commission:

  • Unbounce Bronze Tier Ambassador – Baseline 25% Recurring Commission for the First Year
    Unbounce Ambassador at the base tier will now reap the benefits of an enhanced 25% recurring commission for the first year. This boost in commissions ensures that the Ambassador Program continues to be extremely competitive in the B2B SaaS arena and that partners are well-rewarded right from the start.
  • Silver Tier Ambassador – 25% Recurring Commission for the First Year
    In addition to the baseline of 25%, Unbounce is now offering tiered rewards for high-performing partners. When a partner brings in more than $5k+ revenue, they’ll join the ranks of Unbounce Silver Tier Ambassadors. 
  • Gold Tier Ambassador – 30% Recurring Commission for the First Year. The top tier for Unbounce Ambassador!
    When a partner brings in more than $25k+ revenue, they’ll join the ranks of Unbounce Gold Tier Ambassadors. 

And there’s more…

Incentives and Support

Unbounce is also introducing some lucrative incentives and dedicated support to make the Ambassador’s journey even more rewarding. Including exclusive discounts for your audience and branded official partner badges.

Discover Unbounce's revamped Ambassador Program with boosted commissions. Elevate your affiliate game with enhanced rewards. Learn more!

Dedicated Support

AIM’s clients and partners have been at the forefront of its business since 2009. We believe in the extraordinary powers of collaboration, and the AIM team offers dedicated support to help our clients and partners succeed in their affiliate program goals. From helpful resources to brainstorming, you’ll have a dedicated manager available to help you.

Who Should Join?

The Unbounce Ambassador Program is the perfect fit for a diverse range of partners that are tailored to audiences, including:

  • Mid-Market Audiences
  • E-commerce and Saas Businesses 
  • Mobile App Developers and Marketers
  • Businesses Focused on Customer Engagement and Support
  • IT Software Management
  • Consultants, Agencies, and Industry Experts
  • Media Buyers, Online Marketing Specialists, Digital Marketing Specialists, and  Digital Marketing Managers
If you’re interested in finding out more and joining the Unbounce Ambassador Program, please reach out to the expert B2B Ambassador team at All Inclusive Marketing today.
Interested in launching or expanding your B2B affiliate program? Connect with us at AIM to learn how we can help grow your partnership marketing channel.
Tali Chester

Tali Chester

Tali comes with 10+ years of experience in the sales and marketing industry and brings an optimistic and creative outlook to the AIM team. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment and development of face-to-face and high-value donors, telemarketing, affiliate marketing, and event fundraising.