Audit strategy for affiliates

Affiliate Auditing Tips

As an affiliate marketer, you have the ability to create evergreen content that helps you earn commission and works for you long after the work has been done. It’s one of the many benefits of being in the affiliate marketing space. While other marketers are consistently building content to earn revenue, affiliates can work on a set-it-and-forget-it model. 

No matter how old the post is, if it has relevant copy and good SEO value, visitors can still find it when searching the web. If still relevant and with working links, this older post can drive referrals just as it did when new. But, if the post is full of broken links, outdated images, and/or sold-out products, you’re looking at a quick bounce that might not return. Because things change or more relevant options become available to promote, a good audit is going to be your best strategy.

Can an audit seem like a lot of work? Yes, but it’s not necessarily something that needs to happen a lot. Plus, the more routine you make your audits, the less work it can end up being. Try monthly, quarterly, bi-quarterly, and so on, whatever works for you. The point of it is to refresh your work for the optimal chance of converting. A spring cleaning if you will.

To help you get started, here are 3 top tips to keep in mind when auditing: 

  • To save time and stay organized, divide your auditing into groups – most visited posts, older posts relevant to today, etc.
  • Pay attention to keywords. If you have discovered that one of your older posts is getting really popular, audit the copy for keywords that could be turned into affiliate links for even more referral opportunities. 
  • Add a current sale/promotion to an older post that’s relevant (just be sure to remove it after the duration of the sale). 

In the end, the cadence you choose to audit is up to you and how you manage your site and content. But even a simple audit here and there will keep your site and content fresh, relevant, and filled with opportunity and therefore should be something you integrate into your schedule. Afterall, updating content that’s already proven to work for you is much easier than creating new content. Keep your audience up to date and gain a bigger following with some tweaks. It’s truly a little bit of work for a bigger payout. 


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Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

With 12+ years in marketing across a variety of verticals, Ashley brings a robust viewpoint to the creative side of affiliate and partnership marketing. With a knack for writing and her people skills, content marketing, and customer retention have been at the forefront of her success.