Britnee Williams AIM Associate Account Manager

Welcome to the AIM Family – Britnee Williams

Please join me in getting to know one of our newer AIMers, Britnee!

Coming from an extensive retail management and sales background, along with an education in Art, Britnee came to AIM with vast knowledge in customer service. With her experience, she has been able to acquire a diverse understanding of consumer behavior and expectations along with possessing the ability to approach any obstacle from a perspective that others may not have considered. 

Starting with recruitment on the Publisher Development Team, Britnee had much success thanks to her background, pushing her into a more well-rounded role as an Associate Account Manager.  

Let’s check in with Britnee and see how she’s doing in her new role at AIM.


Question: What inspired you to join AIM?

Answer: I was ready for a change in industry and marketing seemed to be the most logical next step. As I read more about AIM it was the company culture that really stood out to me. I was really craving a supportive and team-oriented work environment and loved that AIM made these things a priority.


Question: Which of AIM’s Core Values (Delight, Innovate, Grow, and Giveback) aligns most with your own?

Answer: Delight aligns the most with my goals. Coming from a customer service-oriented background I think it’s so important to provide the best service possible to your clients. I love how everyone at AIM goes the extra mile to make sure they are doing everything they can for the people we serve and for each other.


Question: Once orientation was over, what was your first impression of AIM?

Answer: I was so impressed with how positive and welcoming everyone at AIM was, from management to employees everyone seemed so happy and excited to support each other where they could.


Question: What aspect of your job excites you most? Why? 

Answer: Getting the chance to learn something new every day! Whether it be a new marketing program or new industry information there is always new knowledge to gain which keeps things fresh and exciting.


Question: Now that you’re settled in your role, do you have a goal for the next 30 days for yourself? 

Answer: Now that I’m settling into my new role my goals are to help set up my teammates for success by sharing best practices that I’ve learned throughout my time doing recruitment. As a team, it is so important to pass on knowledge to help your team grow stronger and to empower your teammates to hopefully do an even better job than what you’ve done. The more we learn and improve individually means the better we all become as a team.


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Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

With 12+ years in marketing across a variety of verticals, Ashley brings a robust viewpoint to the creative side of affiliate and partnership marketing. With a knack for writing and her people skills, content marketing, and customer retention have been at the forefront of her success.