jules' 10 year anniversary interview

Jules’ 10-Year Journey

We love acknowledging milestones like work anniversaries — or as we like to call them, AIMiversaries. It’s a chance for us to recognize the impact of a team member, their dedication to our team, and their contributions to our work family. And, while we do this for all important milestones with all our AIMers, we are particularly excited and proud to celebrate a very special milestone and a special AIMer this month.

Let’s give a big HAPPY 10-YEAR AIMIVERSARY to Jules Johnson-Babcock!

Over the years Jules has been an integral part of the AIM family, learning and growing through every level and position she’s been a part of. From entering AIM as our first-ever intern to managing clients, supporting with innovations and our DIGG (Delight, Innovate, Grow, Giveback) initiatives, to developing best-practice processes for AIM’s clients, Jules has gained profound expertise and experiences in her affiliate and partner marketing career here at AIM. 

“During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw the travel vertical in affiliate take a massive hit. However, it was interesting to see other verticals, such as B2B, begin to really thrive in the performance marketing space. I can’t wait to see what else adapts and changes over the years to come.”

We chatted more with Jules about her big 10-year milestone and what it’s been like working and growing within AIM. Read on to hear more about her time with us.


Q: Wow, 10 years is a big milestone, how does it feel to still be here at AIM after all this time?

A: When I started my internship at AIM, I had no idea what affiliate marketing was and I was doing Social Media Management — not something I was really into if I’m being honest (I don’t love using social media). However, I really saw a future within AIM and affiliate and partner marketing and loved the challenges of client-facing work. Over the years, it’s been amazing to be able to work in many different positions and industry verticals. I’ve learned so much and have had unique opportunities to work fully remote, travel, and have a balanced lifestyle to boot – What’s not to love about that?


Q: What has kept you with AIM and keeps you wanting to be a part of this team?

A: The work/life balance is really on point at AIM and our team culture is something incredibly unique. Every team member has your back, and everyone is kind and encouraging, plus you’re given respect, responsibility, autonomy, and empowerment that is not available in other businesses or industries. 


Q: While you seem to have done it all here, you recently started a new role. Tell us a little bit about it and how your work here has evolved to what it is today.

A: From Social Media Manager to Account Manager, Sr. Account Manager, Client Experience Manager, Program Operations Manager, and now the Learning & Development Manager, my new role may fit my personality and passion the most. I am in a unique position since I know the ins and outs of AIM’s business and program management, as well as client/partner relations. Thanks to this experience, I am able to set up AIM’s very first team training and career development program. It allows me to work 1:1 with every team member, training, solving problems, and offering guidance and encouragement to help our team expand, grow and develop, both individually and as a collective team — a win for one is a win for all of us in my opinion. 


Q: What do you look forward to with your future at AIM?

A: I am really excited to get my current project created in full and launched. It will be an interactive, detailed, robust training program for every role within AIM. The program will include soft skills, technical, and career development features. What really drives me is the ability to define a problem, find the solution and execute the entire project process from start to finish, leaving me with a final product I can be proud of.


jules' 10 year anniversary interview


About Jules

Jules enjoys working as part of a team, striving to drive growth across all areas of a program to provide lasting value. With years of experience managing programs within SaaS, Travel, B2B, and B2C industries, Jules loves building strong relationships with clients and affiliate partners alike.

She’s proud to be Canadian but lives in the UK and will never say no if you offer her cheese! Jules also finds cooking and disaster movies relaxing.

Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

With 12+ years in marketing across a variety of verticals, Ashley brings a robust viewpoint to the creative side of affiliate and partnership marketing. With a knack for writing and her people skills, content marketing, and customer retention have been at the forefront of her success.