Jason Martech Record B2B Interview 2022

On the Record with Jason Lilien

Over the past few years, we here at AIM have been building out our B2B business, establishing a name for ourselves in the lead gen and SaaS world. The growth of B2B brands entering the affiliate and partnership marketing space has been exciting; and, this shift has allowed us to work with a diverse group of business software brands, such as NetSuite by Oracle, Asana, and BigCommerce to name a few.

Even more exciting is that our team of B2B experts and specialists has grown and become savvier than ever, bringing innovation and a unique approach to the way we manage affiliate marketing programs today.

Dedicated to SaaS, our B2B experts have created custom-managed programs based on goals and objectives unique to the B2B sector, such as free trials, free product tours, Sales Qualified Leads, and white paper syndication.

In the past two years alone, not only have we become one of the top-performing agency partners on the leading B2B affiliate network, PartnerStack, but we now offer established relationships with top influencers, comparison sites, bloggers, and other top lead-gen partners specific to B2B affiliate marketing. This was most recently recognized on a Global stage when AIM won the Highly Commended Award for Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy in the US and Canada through our work with Netsuite by Oracle. 

This of course could not be possible without our B2B team’s seasoned leader, Jason Lilien. With over 15 years of experience, Jason has led our team to win Global Excellence Awards such as with iStock by Getty Images at the Global Performance Marketing Awards in 2018 and has built out robust skill sets and operational capabilities within AIM to best serve and scale our B2B client programs.

Recently, Jason sat down with Martech Record to talk about his experience with B2B SaaS and share his perspective on the “new world” of B2B affiliate.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the interview:

  • Historically, people were looking at up to five channels in their B2B purchasing journey. Now that number is up to 10 or more channels and continuing to increase. 
  • Research from McKinsey & Company suggests that 71% of business users said they would spend more than $50,000 on online transactions for B2B SaaS. About 27% said they would spend over $500,000. 
  • The key is developing a good line of communication with the other teams (sales or influencer teams, for example) and determining how to attribute customers or leads. 

“With affiliate and B2B taking off and continuing to grow, you see a lot more people playing and having an influence in that purchasing behavior.” 

You can check out Jason’s full interview on Martech Record for more details, and if you’re looking to bring your B2B business into the affiliate space, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your program and company goals today!


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