Learn how Everflow's partner marketing platform revolutionizes revenue growth for 1,000+ brands. Join us in conversation with Laurie Cutts.

Network Spotlight: Everflow

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Laurie Cutts from Everflow, delving into the details of how the Everflow partner marketing and tracking platform is changing how businesses boost their revenue across all channels.

With over 1,000 trusted brands, like ShareCare, ClassPass, and JG Wentworth, Everflow stands out as a top-rated platform on G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra, and has recently won awards from Tipalti and OfferVault. They were just shortlisted for the “Best Performance Marketing Technology” award at the 2023 Global Performance Marketing Awards. What’s even more impressive is that Everflow has achieved all this without any external investors since its start in 2016.

If you’re as intrigued as we are, please read on to hear from Laurie and learn more about Everflow.

Q: Great to have you on the AIM Blog. We’re excited to get to know Everflow a little better. Please tell us a bit about your role and a brief overview of Everflow’s history.

A: Thank you for having us, we’re excited to share more about Everflow with your audience. To start, I lead agency partnerships at Everflow where I focus on connecting our clients with our agency partners to help their partnership and affiliate programs succeed. With agencies, like AIM, our clients can scale faster with ongoing support for developing their program strategy, recruiting and activating affiliates, and optimizing for results.

As for Everflow, we’re a partner marketing and tracking platform that enables users to track all performance data within one dashboard, allowing deeper insights for faster scaling. We provide technology for B2B and B2C brands, networks, and anyone looking to grow their performance partnerships.

Q: What would you say sets Everflow apart from other affiliate marketing solutions?

A: Everflow is a powerful affiliate marketing platform that enables organizations to easily scale partnerships that deliver cost-effective revenue. Some special features that set us apart from other affiliate marketing solutions are custom event tracking and exportable and easy-to-understand reports like click-to-conversion time reporting. For example, our Click-To-Conversion Time reports guard against coupon poaching, where last-minute shoppers grab codes from coupon sites. This guarantees you give credit where credit is due with first-touch attribution to keep affiliates happy and maintain trusting partnerships.

Q: How about any recent updates or enhancements to your platform? Can you discuss anything that users should be excited about?

A: Yes! We have several exciting updates and new features. 

First, our Marketplace has been revamped over the past few months to include performance stats for advertisers like Earnings Per Click (EPC) and conversion rate data. We’ve also added additional ways to sort advertisers and partners, such as categories, promotional methods, and preferred payout methods, so it’s easier to find the perfect match. And, lastly, we now have product feeds that allow publishers to effectively pull product data from advertisers.

We also recently added the Deals feature to the platform, which allows advertisers and brands to submit deals relative to their products and/or services. This helps partners who are eager to promote deals, which will in turn lead to higher conversion rates, new-to-file customers, the clearing of outdated inventory, or potentially a higher Average Order Value.

Then there’s Everflow Pay (EF Pay) to eliminate the major headaches that come with payment processing. EF Pay allows you to consolidate your tech stack by generating invoices and paying partners directly inside the Everflow platform. To make life even easier, you can automate routine payments to vendors and partners on your schedule with EF Pay.

Q: That’s amazing! What about AI? With AI growing in the industry, do you have any plans for integrating emerging AI technologies into your platform to enhance affiliate marketing capabilities?

A: We do not currently incorporate AI directly into our platform. However, we are always keeping tabs on these amazing new innovations in tech and constantly brainstorming how we can make our platform as effective for our customers as possible.

We would love to hear about some of Everflow’s key features.

Q: Let’s dive into reporting and analytics more. What kind of features does your platform provide to help users measure the performance of their affiliate campaigns?

A: Everflow’s smarter tracking gives businesses the kind of in-depth reporting and analytics needed to accurately measure all performance data and scale accordingly. With the help of direct linking, you will be able to track all channels—partners, Google, Facebook, native, paid social, influencers, and more—directly on your site and view all the data in one dashboard.

Our platform can break down data like signups, initial site visits, upsells, and other key campaign events via Event Tracking. You can easily run a variety of reports to gain actionable insights on performance, including Dimensional Reports to study five data points at once and Placement Reports to study individual partner placements.

Q: What tools and resources do you offer to help affiliates and advertisers create and manage effective affiliate marketing campaigns?

A: Everflow offers a host of tools and solutions to effectively manage successful campaigns, including time-saving automation and powerful integrations. These will save team resources and allow you to focus on what really matters. 

Our automation allows you to complete your routine tasks, like fighting fraud, split testing, email partners, and routing ineligible traffic to eligible offers, in a fraction of the time. Connect your tech stack using Everflow’s Integrations to have all the tools needed to run your program in one convenient location.

We also offer a wealth of resources to support your efforts to build reliable growth from your campaigns, from regular webinars and fireside chats to help desk articles and live chats.

Let’s dive into launching an affiliate program on a platform like Everflow and how an agency can help with the process.

Q: Who’s responsible for which part of the program setup when you’re working with a new brand, who is working with an agency?

A:  When working with a new brand, our Customer Success Team is there every step of the way to help our agency partners with pre-launch setup, ongoing support, and nurturing growth. Everflow helps migrate existing data and set up the first offer, including events and payout structure. In the onboarding process, we offer team training so everyone who will be using the platform is equipped to do so.

Since I began leading agency partnerships at Everflow, I have helped determine which partners are the right fit to assist a brand in reaching their goals. Launching and scaling an affiliate program using Everflow doesn’t need to sit solely on our clients’ shoulders. Therefore, we do what we can to connect them to agencies that can help their team crush every stage of performance growth.

Q: How long on average does it take to launch a new program set up in Everflow? And, once launched, how long on average does it take a new program to gain momentum and grow?

A: We typically have up to a 60-day onboarding period. Once onboarded, the process of gaining momentum and growth can range anywhere from 30 to 180 days, depending on the business. Agency partners can play a significant role in getting affiliate programs off the ground, especially when a business is starting from scratch and looking to efficiently scale its program.

Q: In the end, do you see a bigger benefit with an agency when launching a program on Everflow? If so, please explain.

A: We definitely see a big benefit to launching and managing an affiliate program with the help of an agency partner. We explain to our clients how they can benefit from working with an agency and highlight five ways they can make a program more successful. 

  1. Increase Revenue Faster: Leverage the expertise and established relationships of an agency partner to quickly drive revenue.
  2. Get Recruitment Right: Save time and effort by having agency staff recruit and activate the right publishers for your brand.
  3. Offload Daily Management Tasks: From approving publishers to fighting fraud to optimizing partners, an agency partner has systems and processes to efficiently manage your affiliate program. 
  4. Expand Your Program: Dive into new markets, geos, and partnerships with the help of an agency partner and their network.
  5. Scale Your Program Faster: Take advantage of an agency partner’s expertise to explore new partnerships and marketing channels to grow even faster.

To wrap up…

Q: This has been wonderful and so informative, thank you. To conclude, how can businesses and affiliate marketers get started with your platform? Also, what advice would you offer to those new to affiliate marketing?

A:  Businesses and marketers can get started with the Everflow platform by booking a demo with our team. They can also learn more about the platform, including some of its amazing features like coupon code tracking and direct linking, by checking out everflow.io!

Our website also includes helpful resources for beginners and experienced marketers alike. For those who are completely new to affiliate marketing and interested in building their own affiliate program, we have created an expansive Insider’s Guide To Launching An Affiliate Program And Unlocking Reliable Growth with all the best advice we have for those just getting started.

Learn how Everflow's partner marketing platform revolutionizes revenue growth for 1,000+ brands. Join us in conversation with Laurie Cutts.

We hope this interview has provided some insights when looking at your tech options for your affiliate program. If you’re interested in learning more about Everflow, you can book a demo today.

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