Performance Marketing Infographic

Understanding Performance Marketing │ Downloadable Infographic

What is performance marketing? How does it work? What are the advantages of this type of marketing? To help answer these questions, we have created an infographic that will teach you the basics about the world of performance marketing, and help you decide whether it is right for your company (short answer: probably).

The most common type of performance marketing is affiliate marketing, and the great thing about affiliate marketing is that everybody wins! The advertiser (you) gets more sales, the publisher (affiliate partner) gets a commission for driving the sale, and the customer discovers new brands and offers.


Performance Marketing Infographic








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At All Inclusive Marketing, we are experts in the field of performance marketing, so feel free to drop us a line if you have any follow up questions! In the meantime, please download and feel free to share the above infographic.

Maria's analytical approach and her get-it-done attitude have moved her forward in her digital marketing career. With an academic background in physics and HR, as well as marketing and sales experiences in industries ranging from tech and professional services to retail and non-profit, Maria has both the quantitative understanding of marketing metrics and strategies and the cognitive knowledge of consumer behavior under her belt.

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