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Setting Up for Success │ Affiliate Program Launch Checklist

When setting up an affiliate program from scratch, there are a ton of moving parts you need to be prepared for. Everything from network selection to creative ad creations and technical tracking implementation. It can be an overwhelming process that takes a lot of time and coordination between multiple teams.

However, at AIM, we have created a system to ensure each step of the process can be completed quickly and efficiently; allowing a new program to be set up and launched within 30 days or less.

Below are our top tips to help get you on the road to a successful new program launch, every time:

1) Research Before You Begin: There is a multitude of things you must consider before launching a new affiliate program.

Begin your process by reviewing competitor programs to determine a baseline of program features. Then determine tracking capabilities, eCommerce details, and KPIs.

My biggest tip regarding research is to make sure you spend the time to review all the details. You may be under pressure to reach a deadline, however, if you miss a key factor of the program’s baseline settings, it could end up costing you much more time, effort, and lost revenue down the line.

2) Decide on the Network: Each affiliate network is different and can either help or hinder the growth of any affiliate program.

Some things for you to consider when choosing an affiliate network include the types of publishers you want to have in the program, geo-location options and features, reporting and attribution capabilities, and network costs/fees.

Once the network has been selected, contracts signed, and dashboard access granted, you’re ready to get down to business…

3) Program Setup: Every new program needs a base layer of options to offer your partners.

Be prepared with logos and images and determine the leading offers and links for the program.

You’ll also need to have your program Terms and Conditions ready to go; as well as base publisher contracts in place. From there, you can optimize the program once it’s live. Don’t forget to know what type of KPI’s you want to implement within reports. Some networks will allow you to automate specific reports from day one, and you may need to include specific parameters into the program’s tracking links in order to report certain metrics.

4) Ready, Set, Go: With any new affiliate program, testing is key! It’s imperative that everything works correctly from day one of the program going live.

Before you launch, be sure to test the tracking links and promo codes. Ultimately, streamlining the click-to-purchase consumer path is fundamental to a successful program; but it won’t mean anything unless everything on the backend works efficiently and your network reporting is set up accurately.

There are many other features of a program setup that you will need to consider and prepare for, such as what happens once the program goes live- what are your next steps? You should consider having tools and program features in place to help get your new affiliates joined and active as quickly as possible. Don’t rely one hundred percent on organic network applications either, if you want your program to grow quickly, a recruitment and affiliate-selection process should be in place too.

If you want more information or an expert’s touch at helping you get started, reach out to AIM. We would love to help you get your program set-up and launched.


Downloadable Checklist for Reference:

4 steps to launch program checklist

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Jules Johnson-Babcock

Jules Johnson-Babcock

Since 2012, Jules' has specialized in Social Media and Affiliate Account Management and Onboarding New Client Services. With years of experience managing programs within the SAAS, Travel, B2B, and B2C industries, she is always striving to drive growth and lasting value.

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