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AIM Partner Interview: Upsellit

There are many different partner types in the affiliate industry, this is a known fact. However, there are even more types than most realize, going beyond the Coupon, Loyalty, Content, Media, and Sub-Networks we are all used to hearing about.

A different type of partner is out there. A partner that offers businesses the tools they need to be successful without the hefty price tag. The perfect example of this type of partner is UpSellit.

Over the past 14 years, what was once a live chat simulation engine, has developed into a powerful suite of e-commerce conversion optimization solutions. From lead captures to targeting abandoned carts, UpSellit can do more than send referrals your way.

As a partner that we love to work with across many verticals, we think this is the type of partner most, if not all, brands can benefit from. Especially considering working with them is such low risk because of their performance-based pricing. Therefore, we conducted an interview with Anthony Villegas (Director of Marketing) to help brands get to know our affiliate partner, Upsellit, a little better.


Q: Tell us a little about the company and its history.

In 2005, our CEO Chris Wampler invented one of the first live chat simulations to meet consumer and business needs. Since then, we’ve gone on to become an award-winning suite of solutions for managed conversion optimization.  

In addition to our highly personalized on-site strategies, we offer our advanced Email Remarketing platform, PreCapture, Cart Rebuilder technology, advanced SMS / MMS capabilities, and Lead Capture, among others.  


Q: What is UpSellit known for?

We’re known for looking at optimization through a personal lens. We believe that every customer reveals unique motivations, tendencies, and intentions in how they browse, what products they select, and other on-site behaviors. 

Rather than just addressing the symptoms of on-site challenges, we holistically tailor our strategies to address the root cause of each merchant’s pain points. 

Depending on individual business goals, campaigns are optimized to do much more than just fight abandonment. Our data-driven, fully customizable strategies increase revenue, AOV, and engagement for some of the world’s biggest brands. 


Q: What value and benefits can you provide businesses that might come as a surprise?

One thing that sets us apart is our managed, “agency-style” approach to optimization. Rather than just offering businesses a plug-in, we offer an in-house staff of creatives, developers, and optimization experts to guide clients from conception to completion.

Another major benefit is our technology. Our powerful remarketing platform utilizes technologies like our proprietary PreCapture and Cart Rebuilder to create experiences that convert. 

Likewise, our advanced SMS/MMS capabilities allow our clients to remarket to shoppers on their preferred device. Finally, UpSellit’s product recommendation engine uses AI to create dynamic product profiles by monitoring visitor behavior and session data. 

In short, we have the technology and capabilities to meet the needs of any type of business at any stage in the funnel.


Q: Do you feel that there are still opportunities for businesses to partner with you during this unprecedented time?

UpSellit is uniquely positioned to help businesses thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Whether a site is experiencing increased abandonment, stock shortages, engagement declines, or lower average order value, we have solutions to help companies overcome obstacles to meet key business goals. 


Q: Can you elaborate on specifics and give us an example?

Recently, many of our clients have been experiencing disruptions in their supply chains. For a number of them, we’ve implemented Low Stock Alerts and Back in Stock Notifications.

Low Stock Alerts help sites remain upfront about supply shortages while encouraging users to convert while supply is still available. Meanwhile, Back in Stock notifications turn out of stock products into an opportunity by building our clients’ contact lists and creating the opportunity for remarketing down the road. 


Q: When targeting shoppers with inventory alerts and recommendations, do you see more success with Back in Stock alerts or Product Recommendations?

While both of these solutions have the potential to be extremely effective, it all comes down to what shoppers respond to most. If there were ever a question of which was more effective with an audience, that’s where testing would come in.

UpSellit has the capability to create a vast array of tests through control groups that can determine the comparative efficacy of our solutions. Both of these solutions are extremely effective, and testing helps us maximize each business’s ROI. 


Q: Please give some examples of how these benefit customers and brands alike.

Generally speaking, out of stock products benefit absolutely no one – consumers can’t get what they want, and businesses can’t make a sale. 

Back in Stock alerts are a simple way to alleviate this problem. Shoppers who had their hearts set on a particular product can be the first to know when stock is replenished. Meanwhile, businesses can grow their lists and set sales up for success when replenishment occurs.

Meanwhile, product recommendations can help upsell shoppers by bringing attention to other products and categories they may have overlooked. There are many unique ways to leverage each tactic, it usually comes down to what works best with a business’s unique audience.


Q: How important would you say list building and Email Remarketing is for a business, especially right now?

List building is critical for any online business that wishes to extend its relationship with shoppers beyond the first visit or sale. In the current economic climate, many shoppers who would normally convert immediately won’t do so until we’re on the other side of this situation. That’s what makes high-quality lists combined with personalized email remarketing such a powerful tool, especially now.

UpSellit’s Email Remarketing platform allows merchants to send messages that are tailored to specific shopper segments. Using our proprietary PreCapture technology, we can dynamically collect new-to-file lead information the instant it’s typed, and recover sales through remarketing. 

We prioritize cross-device optimization with our Cart Rebuilder technology, which saves a user’s cart contents and allows them to return to the exact place they left off on their preferred device. 

In addition, email remarketing gives shoppers multiple opportunities to convert, often after they’ve had a chance to think the offer over. Simply offering to save a user’s cart for later can be an excellent way to meet shoppers where they are, and give them a chance to buy when they’re more comfortable making the purchase. 


Q: As a performance-based affiliate partner, what kind of success can you guarantee a company without an upfront fee and contract?

We’re proud to operate on a performance model. Our success has always depended on the success we can provide our clients, and our performance model allows us to demonstrate our commitment to the clients we serve. 

We don’t believe in upfront fees or contracts because we know our technology can stand on its own and provide immediate value to retailers. 

While every campaign is different, UpSellit’s performance model guarantees a positive ROI. Once the campaign is in place, our team of experts leverages thousands of data points to optimize campaigns in real-time and ensure maximum profitability. 


Q: We touched base a little bit about some benefits UpSellit offers that could help during trying times; do you have any advice for companies to help curb any hardship and still see success during this difficult time?

For the foreseeable future, online revenue is likely to remain in flux. This is when online retailers need to carefully examine their strategies and determine whether they’ve optimized every stage of the buyer journey. If the answer is no, they’re likely leaving revenue on the table. 

In terms of specific strategies, many businesses are currently facing a decline in average order value – i.e., even if shoppers are converting, they’re ordering less than usual. One tactic that can help curb this impact is strategically upselling and cross-selling users that show high intent. Engaging users with high intent can assist in offsetting the users who aren’t purchasing as much or as quickly.  

Features like UpSellit’s Mini-Carts recreate the user’s cart in a sidebar while suggesting complementary products in real-time. Many of our clients have seen an immediate lift in AOV with the implementation of this solution, which is vital now more than ever.


Q: Any exciting news or possible features coming up that you’re excited to share?

We’re very excited to bring our signature data-driven personalization to SMS and MMS in the United States. While we don’t offer our Mobile Messaging platform on a performance-based pricing model, this new channel offers incredible results, including 90%+ open rates, high engagement, and the ability to reach shoppers instantly.

Since SMS and MMS messages reach shoppers directly on their mobile devices, mobile messaging serves as a great tool to drive purchases in real-time. Merchants can notify shoppers when sales go live, stock is replenished, or inventory on the item they’ve been wanting is running out. No matter the use case, our Mobile Messaging platform is proving to be an effective, profitable way for retailers to tap into the latest marketing channel. 


We hope this interview has provided some insights into the advantages of partnering with affiliates within the performance marketing world. UpSellit is a unique partner that can add so much value to not only your affiliate program but your overall business. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can email them directly at or request a demo today. And, don’t forget to talk to an expert at AIM to learn of more amazing partnership opportunities like UpSellit.

Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

With 12+ years in marketing across a variety of verticals, Ashley brings a robust viewpoint to the creative side of affiliate and partnership marketing. With a knack for writing and her people skills, content marketing, and customer retention have been at the forefront of her success.

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