Take a look back with us at the insightful Keynote Panel from Affiliate Summit West 2024, filled with expert insights from top female C-suite leaders.

Throwback Thursday: ASW24 Keynote Panel

Now that we’re halfway through the start of Q2, and with ASE24 on the horizon next quarter, we wanted to take a look back at ASW24. As the biggest affiliate marketing event in the world, this past January, thousands flocked to Vegas to grow, get inspired, and network with like-minded individuals. It’s a conference like no other and was filled with amazing content from industry experts to help you thrive.

A standout highlight that we wanted to share from this past conference was the ASW24 Keynote Panel; a dynamic discussion spanning the significance of partnerships, technology, and marketing expertise. Led by industry leaders from impact.com, CJ, Awin, Partnerize, and Rakuten and moderated by our own Sarah Bundy, this insightful session offers a wealth of knowledge from a powerhouse lineup of female executives.

Before viewing the video in its entirety below, here is a glimpse of what’s in store:

Evolution of Partnership Marketing

The panelists explore how the industry has evolved, focusing on selling the value of partnership marketing. They discuss the challenges of engaging senior-level executives and the importance of addressing their specific pain points with tailored solutions.

Convergence of Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

There’s a significant focus on the merging of affiliate marketing with influencer marketing, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges presented by this trend. Key topics include the importance of tracking and crediting engagements and leveraging customer data for micro-influencing.

Industry Trends and Staying Informed

The panelists stressed the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends and research. They highlight essential skills like empathy, problem-solving, and leadership to navigate the industry’s future.

Future Outlook

The discussion concludes with an optimistic view of the future, pointing to innovations driven by publishers, the integration of emerging technologies, and the importance of customer-centric approaches and strong partner relationships.

In conclusion, the panel discussion offers valuable insights into both the present state and future trajectory of affiliate marketing. It underscores the pivotal role of partnerships and technological innovations in driving marketing endeavors to success. By highlighting the importance of fostering strategic alliances and leveraging emerging technologies, the panelists illuminate the path forward for marketers seeking to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Their collective expertise underscores the significance of adaptability and forward-thinking strategies in navigating the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing, ultimately paving the way for sustained growth and innovation within the industry.

We hope you enjoyed the panel as much as we did and if you want to know more about Affiliate Summit, mark your calendars for ASE24 coming this July.

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Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

With 12+ years in marketing across a variety of verticals, Ashley brings a robust viewpoint to the creative side of affiliate and partnership marketing. With a knack for writing and her people skills, content marketing, and customer retention have been at the forefront of her success.