Eterneva AIM Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight – Eterneva

Bringing brightness and healing to death and grief, Eterneva creates memorial diamonds that celebrate remarkable people and pets. 

Their Mission: Change the way we remember life, and bring brightness and healing to loss.

Eterneva diamonds help their customers talk about their loved ones, and handle their grief in a positive way. These memorial diamonds are beautiful, personal, and represent the legacy of your remarkable loved one. It’s a symbol that allows you to continue sharing their light with the world, and ensure their story is told for generations to come. 

With Eterneva, the journey begins with the Welcome Kit, which contains everything that is needed to safely package up your loved one’s ashes and/or hair, as well as a personalized introduction video, sample diamond sizes, and a detailed process booklet. From that point on, a dedicated Eterneva team member will share updates, pictures, and videos every step of the way.

How does a memorial diamond compare to a regular diamond? When you commission a memorial diamond, they are completely custom-made. Eterneva’s process is long and intricate and requires incredible precision to create a memorial diamond exactly to your specifications. In the end, you get a tailor-made diamond that is far more meaningful and soulful than a regular diamond.

We’re very excited to partner with Eterneva to help share their mission through their affiliate program! Please read on to learn more about this new partnership and Eterneva’s affiliate program.


Q: What inspired you to reach out to AIM for full program management?

A: Eterneva has grown significantly in the last year, allowing us to service more customers and share even more remarkable stories than we were previously capable of. By working with AIM, we have a partner who is aligned with our mission and vision, and thus will help us reach our ultimate goal around creating positive, grief-changing experiences for our community.


Q: Why is affiliate marketing important to your brand’s growth?

A: Affiliate marketing is important to Eterneva’s growth because we service a diverse range of clientele, all with the united mission of moving forward with grief and celebrating our loved one’s life. By expanding our affiliate program, we will align with the right partners to help us broaden our reach, amplify our voice, and ultimately help more people to remember their loved one remarkably.


Q: What are some potential benefits you see with your affiliate program?

A: We believe we are one of the most unique services out there, and because of that, our affiliate program partners have a chance to be involved in something that is literally life-changing. Our affiliate program allows users to find comfort and meaning in what can be very challenging times when often this is the first time people even realize that making a diamond from ashes is possible.


Eterneva AIM Brand Spotlight










Visit Eterneva at to learn more about this remarkable process, and check out their affiliate program on the AIM website for more details.

Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

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