Vitabrid AIM Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight – Vitabrid

A biotechnology company at their core, Vitabrid C¹² is here to harness the power of vitamin C for your skin and scalp through bioscience!

Your skin needs Vitamin C, but your skin does not absorb Vitamin C in the same way that your body does when you eat it. Therefore Vitabrid’s Dr. Jin-ho Choy set out to develop a form of Vitamin C that suits your skin. With innovation, safety, and reliability being the values they work by, Dr. Jin-ho Choy was able to create Vitabrid CG.

This stabilized version of Vitamin C does not oxidize and actively delivers the benefits for over 12 hours through their patented technology. With amazing products that have undergone rigorous testing, Vitabrid’s customers know they can rely on them to provide high functionality at an affordable price.  

We’re happy to jump on board to help Vitabrid and their affiliate program grow with amazing products that deliver fabulous results!

Read on to learn more about our partnership with Vitabrid and their affiliate program…


Q: What inspired you to reach out to AIM for full program management?

A: We were introduced to AIM from another agency we were working with and they came highly recommended. We felt that they would be able to provide assistance with our existing affiliate program on Impact Radius as well as assist in implementing our influencer affiliate program as well.


Q: Why is affiliate marketing important to your brand’s growth?

A: We still consider our brand to be new to the US E-Commerce scene and believe an omnichannel digital marketing approach is key to targeting top-funnel marketing. This is why we included affiliate marketing along with other channels we are currently engaging, such as paid search and paid social.


Q: What are some potential benefits you see with your affiliate program?

A: Some of the benefits of our affiliate program that we see are exposure to a different audience while being able to generate sales on the same platform.Vitabrid AIM Brand Spotlight










Visit Vitabrid at to see how the power of Vitamin C can change your beauty routine, and check out their affiliate program on the AIM website for more details.

Ashley Klotz

Ashley Klotz

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